Friday, December 07, 2007

(Mrs) Santa's Workshop

My daughter Suzanne is well known around our family for making gifts for the family. Years ago she was one of the first to make us cards, like Birthday Cards, on her computer. We all thought she was fantastic until Hallmark came out with a card program...Now we can all make them, BUT Suzanne still fascinates us by making beautiful gifts that we can treasure forever.

Here she's making a board game called Aggravation for her sweet daughter-in-law Tori for Christmas. Tori & Matt love to come over for game night at my house, so Suzanne is going to ruin that for me by making Tori her own game. Now they can stay home and play with their friends and I probably won't be seeing them as much. Thank you Suzanne.

Although I thought it was a genuinley sweet thing to do for Tori, I still had my reservations which I expressed to my daughter. She promptly assured me that they still will want to come over and play from time to time...after all, I have food and goodies to offer. hehehe.

I didn't get over to Suzanne's porch on time to see her saw out the two boards, hinge them together and then router out multiple holes all nice and straight in a pattern. But I was able to get a picture of the game board at this point...see below.

I found a pomegranate at the store and Jimmy & I rushed over to Suzanne's to give it to her, when we spotted the board on her front porch with tools scattered about. She wouldn't let me photograph her...she's not at all like her sister Sharon who will jump in front of the camera if one is spotted within 100 yards. hehehe.

Here's a better shot of the two boards, now hinged together, with the holes routed out. You can see how nice of a job she did with those holes...that's not easy with an old router that has no gauges on it. It was all done free-handed. Now it's time for a little sanding to smooth any rough edges, some painting of the holes in four different colors, and when the paint dried in the holes, a couple coats of polyurethane was applied.

When Suzanne first told us that she was planning on making the game for Tori she said she needed to get four each of four different colored marbles, so she would know what size to make the holes on the game. She went one way and Jimmy & I went another in search of the marbles. We needed 4 red, 4 blue, 4 black and 4 green. We went everywhere within 75 miles from us to no avail, so I got on the internet and ordered a set of Chinese Checker marbles, 60 in all...we just needed 12, but just in case they lose a marble I have the extras stored in my marble jar with all of my many marbles. Now we had a size, so she took home one of my marbles to size things up. The marbles I ordered were being shipped from Oregon and in 5 days they arrived here safe and sound.

I had uploaded a picture of the finished board laid out ready for a game, but the picture disappeared and I didn't want to try to upload another one and have to start over with my post. So just close your eyes and imagine the game board opened up and ready for a game. It has room for 4 players and each player has 4 of the same colored marbles, with the home base colored to match your marbles.

UPDATE: I took a chance, uploaded the missing picture and the picture that disappeared is now the very first picture of this post...the picture on top. I tried to move it down here, but it wouldn't budge. I have moved pictures before, but not today.

In the picture above the game is closed with a clasp holding it shut. The game board is on the outside and on the inside (see below) is the storage compartment for the marbles and dice. I have to keep my marbles & dice for my game in a plastic baggie. I think everyone should write her a letter and tell her that her mom needs one of these too.
Suzanne did a wonderful job considering her workshop is on her front porch now. Well, not really, but that's where this was made. She has a workshop way down the hill from her house, but it's cold down there and when she leaves the door open, a horse is likely to step inside. That's happened before and there's not room enough in there for long planks, the table saw running and a horse milling around just getting in the way and knocking things over.

The pictures don't do the workmanship of the game justice. I wish you could see how pretty and what a fine job she did. The game board is just beautiful and I know that Tori will love it and cherish it it was made by the gentle hands of her loving mother-in-law. I wanted Suzanne to wood burn an inscription to Tori inside, or at least put her own name in there, but she was afraid she would ruin it.

I'm very proud of each of my children. They each possess their own special talents & creativity.


JunieRose2005 said...

What a fantastic job your daughter did on that game board! Wow!! You have a lot of talented people in your family!! I have checked out some of the other crafy people you have around! :)

I also enjoyed the post about your grandson and the scouts get-together!

I always enjoyed those type of times with my grandkids!


jellyhead said...

I agree with Junie - you have such a talented, creative family. The gameboard looks lovely - a real family heirloom in the making.

I love the description of Suzanne trying to work in her workshop with an interfering horse getting in the way! - hilarious!

Have a wonderful weekend Sandy

Anonymous said...

that does look like a great job. Well done.

Diane J. said...

Well done, Suzanne! It takes a lot of skill and patience to get all those holes routed evenly, especially freehand.

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Christmas season, Sandy. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Peter said...

The game board is a beauty Sandy and I agree Suzanne needs to update your earlier model.

Rachel said...

Oh, that is so pretty Sandy!! Gosh, she is talented and patient too to do all that work! She could sell those things. Very nice indeed!! Applause!! Applause!! Standing ovation even!!

I like the idea of a workshop where a horse might wander in!! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Suzanne is so talented!!
The game board looks great!!
Too bad she's camera shy.
She could have held the game board and modeled next to it like Vanna White showing off those letters on Wheel of Fortune.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ What a crafty game board! ~ jb///

Kerri said...

There sure is talent in your family Sandy! Suzanne has done a truly fantastic job on the game board. It's a wonderful, thoughtful present for Tori, and yes, a family keepsake which Tori can pass down to her children.
Give Suzanne a pat on the back for me please.
How nice to have a little workshop, complete with a horse :)
I saw pomegranates yesterday for about $2.70 each! Ouch. Hope they're a bit cheaper there. I haven't tasted one since my childhood in Australia.