Friday, December 14, 2007

This n That

I was thinking of down-sizing my desk with the new smaller sized computer desk that is just sitting and taking up space in one of our other bedrooms....but if I trade out my existing desk with a smaller one, I definitely won't have any room to work. Not with Jybow around...she likes to spread out. I've been wanting to clear out my whole office and start over, but right now just before Christmas is not the time to get into such a project. I need new carpet and I've spotted a beautiful wooden daybed while out Christmas shopping that Motherkitty would love to sleep in when she visits. And YES, dear brother, I know that I need to get a much thicker, better mattress for the futon in your room too. I tried laying in there myself and it's not comfortable at all. Did I hear you say that you'd like a computer in there too, along with a BIG widescreen tv?
While cleaning I gathered up these little cars that Dylan overlooked when he was here last. I found them strung all over the house and Dylan probably hasn't even missed them. Dylan must travel with at least 50 of these little cars. It used to be that he never went anywhere without his guitars, but now it's these little cars, so you can guess what we bought him for Christmas.
These were my little helpers as I cleaned and put up my Christmas decorations this week. Cucoo wrapped all the Christmas presents, so if they aren't wrapped just right or even mis-labled you can blame him. The stick moose, with the big teeth, entertained us by singing a Christmas song while we worked and of course Cucoo refused to wrap any gifts unless he could wear his Santa coat. He's also insisting on handing out the Christmas gifts on Christmas day, but
I think he's much too thin to pass for Santa...What do you think?


jellyhead said...

Well I think Cucoo makes a GREAT Santa! At the very least, being given a gift by a red-coated, purple fuzzy critter is bound to make everyone laugh!

Enjoy the weekend Sandy!

Tomas Dennis said...

I see Jingle Bell and Big White Teeth, Purple Hair and a Red Coat, Big Eyes, a Brown Comfy and Red Ribbons. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Listen I am a Navy man and we are able to sleep on steel decks and concrete. Ask Jimmy and I'll bet that he is also able to sleep on the ground with no problem.
Take Care and I think you may get more snow.
Love ya

Granny said...

Cucoo makes a lovely, if skinny, Santa. There's a movement afoot these days to slim down Santa anyhow. Something about fighting obesity.

At the moment, my cat is asleep on top of the computer. If she isn't sleeping, she staring at me over the top rather like a vulture.

Merry Christmas if I don't get back before then.

Kerri said...

No point at all in downsizing your desk :) Cats sure know how to get comfortable!(love the picture).
Aren't you lucky to have such good helpers...and a reindeer that sings?!!
I think Cucoo makes a rather phychedelic Santa with his purple hair :)
Merry Christmas to you and Jimmy, dear Sandy, and to all your wonderful family too.

Alipurr said...

very cute, i would like to hear that moose's song