Tuesday, January 29, 2008

decisions, decisions....

It looked like this today (minus the leaves), and the weather was windy with a high of 60º F.This picture was taken on June 29th of last year on the western side of Kentucky. We had stopped to take shelter from a fierce thunderstorm beneath a bridge underpass. Jimmy & I were traveling with our grandson Zac and daughter Sharon on our way to visit family and the temperature was very hot that day.
Today it was very warm for this time of year and on the western side of the state they are under tornado watches or warnings because of a cold front that has moved in. I hope that all are safe and well there.
It's still warm here with only a 2 degree drop in temp and darkness has fallen. The winds & the rains have picked up in strength and I really do hate tornadic weather arriving while I sleep. You just don't know whether you should sleep fully dressed or take that chance of finding that your house has been shattered into hundreds of tiny splinters, the wind has carried you up in a tree, and there you are...without your drawers on and your nightshirt pulled up over your head.
Well that does it! I've made up my mind...I'm sleeping with under-ware, pajamas & socks on tonight.


LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ Like we saw here in the Midwest... if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes and it will CHANGE (but usually not for the best)! ~ jb///

jellyhead said...

Tee hee.... you make me laugh Sandy! (not about the weather concerns, but just the way you write things). Yes, it sounds as though the wearing of underwear is a wise move, just in case!

Tomas Dennis said...

The wind moved quickly and it is now calm and cold in the upper 20's. I had to go out and chase my trash cans. I had them tied down but my cords broke so I had to go to plan be and chase them. They are home and safe.

JunieRose2005 said...

;) Sandy,

Hope you're fine and didn't get blown up a tree- with OR without your underwear on!!


doubleknot said...

Under-ware is a good thing to have on with the weather like that. Me when it is rough weather I stay dressed and so far nothing bad has happened. Glad you didn't end up in a tree.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Sandy, first I do hope the weather that rushed across your lovely country met with much resistance getting you up that tree.....We watched in horror at the blizzard conditions on our news you have all had to deal with......while we sat here in summer bliss!

AND secondly I almost jumped down the computer when I again found your blog......it has been such a long time since I visited and Loosing contact and then finding people again is a very hard thing to do.

Arn't you lucky to have a new great grandchild on the way and an engagment too. We just had our 9th grandchild and as you know thrilled to see the darlings come into the world.

Will be seeing you again soon.

Tropical Screamer said...

Sandy, love to hear about your weather.

I miss writing with you. Come play "random word of the day" with me when you have time.

Oh, our sleeping volcano was covered with snow down to 7,000 feet. ;)

Best regards.

Rachel said...

I think if you get blown into a tree it wouldn't matter about underwear Sandy. It would probably be lost mid flight! I was wondering if you had those bad winds there. Almost scared the hoopaloopa out of me!!!

... Paige said...

Yes put drawers on, I might put on 2 pair just because.
I hope all is well