Sunday, January 27, 2008

a little bit of everything

I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions and recommendations and helping me to make a decision on a new camera. I'm still reading camera reviews and I must say that bad reviews have helped me decide against the camera I was intending on buying. So now I'm just going to take my time in making a decision and not rush into anything hastily. The pictures below (except for the first picture) I took using my cell phone and that will have to do for now.I need this sign in my kitchen. I don't know what's happened to me but I no longer love to cook. I'd much rather go out to eat and occasionally eat at home when I want something really good. Everyone knows that the really good food can only be made at home, so I do sometimes take time to make something I really like at home.

These last two weeks have really been busy around here. We've had a buzz of grandchildren in and out, watching basketball games, taking us out to eat and then coming over for what they call, 'game night.' The barn work had been halted because of bad weather and some illnesses until yesterday, when the men worked all day on it. It's still far from being completed. Jimmy makes a point of watching every Wildcat basketball game, but Jimmy missed yesterday's win...Megan and I watched it together. It was a very exciting win and one of the few this season. Of course sometimes you have to miss a game and work on the barn when weather permits, and I'm sure that Jimmy was secretly praying for snow, rain or extremely windy conditions yesterday under his breath. hehehe

You can't please me more than to offer me pizza and when grandson Zac arrived he brought two with him. Of course he brought HIS favorite, which is cheese. The one above in the picture is my favorite with lots of fresh veggies on it. There's also some Canadian bacon & Italian sausage on it too.

This week something unfortunate happened to one of our pretty little red Cardinals, but at the same time it was very interesting to watch a hawk in action. He swooped down to what is now his feeding ground...our bird feeders....and grabbed the Cardinal in mid air. The hawk, which I thought was rather small for a hawk, then came down to the ground in front of my window and proceeded to pull out the beautiful feathers from the bird and then he ate it. I tried to get a picture of the hawk as he sat there, but what shows up most with my cell phone picture are all the little squares of the window screen. I knew if I tried to open the door he would fly away so I just watched from inside.
I don't crochet as a rule, but I had some left-over yarn in a closet so I decided that Daisy needed a bed. I first tried to make a square, but soon ripped it back out and decided on a circle. I of course didn't know how many stitches to add for each round so I just guessed and of course it doesn't lay perfectly flat. In the picture it is lining a box, but I had to take it out of the box because Daisy liked it best just resting on top of her usual corner where she sleeps next to our bed. It only took me a couple of hours to make it and don't say, "it looks like it!" hehehehehe
Next time I try anything I'm bringing out the "How To Crochet" book.
Another thing that happened this past Thursday was that it snowed a little and I stepped outside with my phone and snapped this picture. Later when I let Jybow our kitty out, I wish you could have seen her. She acted like a dog in the snow running, sliding and jumping around. I've never seen a cat act like that before and I don't remember her playing in the snow last year like that either. She surprises us daily with the things she does. Her latest trick is to have Jimmy hunt her down with a flashlight at 2 a.m...A cat form of hide 'n' seek. Imagine what the neighbors must think with Jimmy scouting the creek banks and clapping his hands for her at that hour. He taught her to come when he claps his hands and she usually does, but a couple of times this week he has had to hunt her down...And Jimmy will NOT go to bed until his kitty is in the house for the night.

Two other bits of news that I forgot to mention above are that granddaughter Sarah is 14 weeks pregnant with her first child and what will be out fourth great-grandchild. The baby is scheduled to arrive sometime in July and we are all excited about that. Valerie also announced her engagement and her upcoming marriage to a nice boy named Jimmy.

I am so thankful and feel so blessed that Jimmy & I have been able to watch our grandchildren grow up, get married and give us beautiful great grands. They're not done yet by any means as we still have more grands to go, and we plan on being here for all their weddings, graduations and for the births of their children too.


Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
It's great to catch up on all your news. Too bad about the cardinal, but it's all part of nature's plan.
How wonderful that you're going to have a new great grandbaby. That's really exciting!

jellyhead said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy lately! Congratulations on the coming new great-grandchild, and also on Valerie's engagement.

Now for some reason I feel like pizza......

Tammy said...

I'm not even hungry but that pizza looks delish! I'm sure you have a wonderful time with the grands and to get one more is such a blessin' congratulations to all!

I guess the hawk thing is just "the chain of life"...sigh...

... Paige said...

No wander you have picked up my long time between posts habit.
Glad you are well. A wedding-how grand. My best wishes to the couple.

Rachel said...

Too bad about the poor bird. I know that is nature but OUCH. I'm glad you didn't share a picture of that.

I'm glad you have been keeping busy with the grand kids and all that. I hope they get that barn done before summer!! I expect they will with the way they have been working on it.

We haven't had that much snow here! Maybe in some parts of the county they might have, but not here!

I can just see Jimmy out there hunting for Jybow in the dark and clapping his hands! I can understand the feeling though. You just can't rest easy until you know they are okay!!

Say Hi to Jimmy for me!

doubleknot said...

That pizza looks delisous. It is nice to be buzy with family. Isn't it amazing having great grand kids.

Kerri said...

Those cell phone pictures come our pretty well don't they? That pizza looks sooo delicious!
I'm glad I didn't see the hawk taking the cardinal. I know it's nature, but I'd hate to watch it. We've been seeing a cardinal pair in the early mornings lately.
Jimmy is a good dad to Jybow :) Funny how she loves to play in the snow!
Congrats on the expected great grandchild (wow, 4!) and to Valerie on her engagement.
We've had rain here last night and still this morning, with lots of wind. Hope those tornadoes didn't happen. Scary business!