Thursday, January 17, 2008

It flickered one last time...then died

Yesterday afternoon my little credit card size digital camera flickered for the last time as its light finally went out. It has served me well over the years taking countless pictures from the East Coast to the West Coast, and on countless days it worked very hard taking 200 pictures daily. It was a good little camera that stayed by my side, in my pocket most days.
I had planned on getting a much better camera with many more functions and with greater zooming abilities so that I could take those GREAT nature shots, but it would have to be a much larger, nicer digital camera with a nice detachable lens. And being that it would be much bigger and heavier, would I carry it with me for those pictures that just pop up on the spur of the moment? Probably not. After all I'd be so afraid of bumping the lens and it would have to be housed in it's own padded camera case. I wouldn't just keep it with me hanging around my neck because it certainly wouldn't fit in my how many pictures would I really take with it? I would have to deliberately plan moments to take pictures.
I've dreamed of a bigger & better camera, but my heart is really with another small pocket sized one, that will be my constant companion once again.

I quickly emailed the company last night and told them what happened to my camera and I'm waiting for a reply from them on whether it can be repaired. I hope so.


JunieRose2005 said...


Good luck with your camera- I hope it can be fixed.

I know I never want to be without a camera for long. Mine is usually with me where ever I go.

I got a new video camera for Christmas but haven't used it much, as yet! I like vids but seem to get more fun out of still shots around the place.

Have a good day.


Kylee said...

Sandy, I agree with you. I could have written this post! While I'd love to have a larger camera with all those cool creative capabilities, my mid-size Canon serves me well. I kept my previous camera, which is a Pentax Optio. I was going to sell it on eBay, but wouldn't have gotten a lot for it, so I figured this way I'd have a back-up and it's also pretty tiny.

Tammy said...

I love my Kodak easy share!

Sonia said...

Hi Sandy, glad hear about you!
Thanks for your commment. I will see your pet blog soon!

Have a nice weekend!

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-)

If they can't fix your camera, look into getting a Canon Powershot camera...they are small cameras but they sure take fantastic pictures! I have one of the less expensive ones and yet you've seen the beautiful pictures it takes that I post on my blog. I've noticed a lot of bloggers have bought Canon as well:-) xoxo

Kerri said...

You're absolutely right about the bigger camera not being so convenient to cart around Sandy. My little Canon PowerShot goes with me in my purse, but the big one stays home quite often. I don't like the thought of leaving it in the car, especially with the big zoom lens.
And yes, I'm shopping for a camera bag. The assorted paraphenalia gets expensive, and bulky to carry!
Having said all that, I wouldn't trade my Canon Rebel XTi for anything! I love it!!
But if you want small I highly recommend the PowerShot. I love that too and it takes great pictures :) Sandy, our next door neighbor, just got a PowerShot SD1000. It's 7mp and takes great shots. It has a nice size zoom too.

Rachel said...

I know what you mean Sandy. I'm sorry your camera bit the dust. Hope you can get it fixed!

Tomas Dennis said...

Does it have batteries?

Cheyenne said...

I have had the same dilemma you talk about, but my camera is still alive and kicking. It's a bit bigger than your little one and I too thought about getting one with a better zoom lens. However, I don't have the patience to always be changing that lens to take a picture. I like to grab and shoot on the spur of the moment. So I will stick with my little camera that serves me well.

ICECAZ Productions said...

most likly it's going to cost more to repair the little camera then its worth. I would buy a small camera again, the prices have come way down. then wait and buy the camera that you really want.

Alipurr said...

i hope you can get your camera fixed or get a new one. I really love your pics.

Cliff said...

We have a big Canon and so does one of my sons. The other son has one of those fancy little ones that is always in his shirt pocket. I guess they both have their place.
The kicker might be that we also have a small digital but haven't had it out since we got the big camera. I do like to play (edit) pics so the xtra large format is nice to preserve the quality.

Peter said...

Hi Sandy,I have had a Fuji 5600 for a couple of years, they are not SLR with inter-changable lens but are a similar size.
Because I found that I had forgotten to bring my camera quite often I bought a small (Pocket Size) Fuji which I leave in the car, while it doesn't have all the features, like a 10X optical zoom of the larger one it does take very good photos, lots of the ones on this or my pictures blog are taken with it, I have found this system seldom finds me without a camera and it works quite well.

MrsGreenThumb said...

Sandy, go to and and look at the reviews of new cameras. It won't be worth repairing your old camera. Usually the mechanism for zooming wears out. It's gotten much cheaper to buy a new camera than repair an old one. I have a Sony at work that's a pocket camera, it does a decent job, not much zoom. I have a Canon G2 that's older and the zoom is wearing out. It's a little clunkier but I like the heft. I also have a Nikon D80 with interchangable lenses. You're right, you won't carry it often. Check out the reviews and look at the user reviews as well as the pro reviews. You'll get a sense of what will work for you. Good luck

Tropical Screamer said...

Thinking of you Sandy and just stopping by to say Hi. :)

Darilyn and Tigger, too.

Merle said...

Hi Sandy ~~ Good luck with your camera. Usually repairs cost more than a new one would but the small ones are great and easy to carry.
Thank you for the jokes and things you send me. I posted the Blonde
Cookbook tonight. I appreciate the
e mails and always give a link to whover sends them. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.