Friday, February 29, 2008

How silly is that?

While I was in the shower a few minutes ago, I began laughing so loudly that Jimmy hollered in there wanting to know if I was alright. I had my eyes closed, so I wouldn’t get any soap in them and don’t ask me why I was thinking this, but I suddenly thought of my brother and how he doesn’t like finding pieces of onions in his food and I thought how silly this was. My sister-in-law has to hide the onions by using onion powder so he doesn’t find any pieces of onions in his food.

As I lathered my hair, I also thought of myself and how I hate cooked celery with a passion. I tasted it and it’s not bad, but I still hate it, and will pick each piece I see out of my food and set it aside. I won’t eat it, and it’s not the taste of the cooked celery that I’s the way it looks all stripe-pity. Yes, I know celery doesn’t have stripes, but those ridges with the lines look stripe-pity to me, and that’s what I hate…THE LOOK. Now how silly is that?

And thinking about the reason I hate celery, is what brought on the loud uncontrollable hysterical laughter in the shower. I won’t even eat it with my eyes closed. Now that’s pretty silly isn’t it?

My brother probably doesn’t like the crunch or texture, or maybe even the onion flavor, and silly me doesn’t mind the taste, but can’t stand those stripe-pity looks of cut up pieces of cooked celery.


Tomas Dennis said...

Now that is funny but it goes back to when I sat at the table not wanting to eat gristled meat and onions. The smell and flavor I can handle but not the sight or texture. If it not seen and I eat it in chile then I do not mind.

Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a good laugh Sandy!! I, like you, used to pick the celery out of everything, but now I eat it. I didn't like the taste before but now I do. I can eat it raw or cooked! Not a real big fan of it raw though. Just those tender ones with something yummy spread on it!! I don't like the stringy stuff.

Kerri said...

I'm picturing you hysterical in the shower and Jimmy wondering what's going on....LOL. Thanks for sharing the silliness and giving me a laugh this morning :)
Ross won't eat onions OR celery. I can disguise the onions, but not the celery. He doesn't like the texture of onions..they're slimy, he says.
We all have our idiosyncrasies :)