Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday I read my brother's blog and he had woke up to about an inch to an inch & a half of snow on the ground...Snow on top of ice. Mind you, I don't want the ice, but I did envy his snow and was very disappointed that we didn't get any. Sometime around noon the snow started falling here...GREAT BIG SNOWFLAKES. I was so excited, grabbed my cell phone and went outdoors to take pictures. And look what I found...
...the first signs that Spring is on its way....Daffodils sprouting around the yard.

Our temperatures were much too warm yesterday, so the snow didn't stick. What's on this tree trunk was it. The big snowflakes melted right away, but the sleet still remained stuck between the forks of the Maple tree in the picture above. What a disappointment.

In my last post I had mentioned that Megan had gone skiing. What I didn't know was that Megan tried her hand at snowboarding and took quite a spill...well she fell many times, but one fall was bad enough to take her to the Emergency Room for an MRI of her head. She received a slight concussion from the snowboard flipping up and hitting her on the top of her head. Yes, it was a very bloody sight too! but I don't think she had to have any stitches. When Megan came over on Saturday she was still sporting a headache from the accident that had happened the previous weekend. I told her that she should go back to see her doctor. It's better to be safe than sorry later.
Megan was still her cheerful self as we went out to eat on Saturday night, despite her headache. It was the first time that Jimmy & I had been out to eat in some time. We've been staying in, keeping warm and getting better after our recent round of what seemed to be colds with fevers. We're well now, so company started stopping by again on Saturday. Jimmy & I were good and didn't get out and spread our germs to other's. Can you see me patting myself on the back?
Megan took our picture several times by holding the camera out in front of us. She's quite good at taking pictures of herself and her friends this way. I always miss and have to take the pictures over, my big arm either gets in the way of the picture or I cut off our heads completely.
My granddaughter is so sweet and caring. I couldn't of asked for a better granddaughter if I'd special ordered her myself.

I went ahead and gave Megan the two blankets that I had crocheted for her and told her to give them to her mother for safe keeping in the Hope Chest that her mom has for's really a Keepsake Chest of Megan's things, but I keep calling it her Hope Chest. The blankets are for any future babies that Megan might have years from now. Megan smiled and giggled a bit and said that she wanted to snuggle with the blankets first and then maybe she'd give them to her mom for safe keeping. You can see the multicolored baby blanket here and the yellow one here.
I didn't follow any pattern simply because squares and rectangles seem to be my specialty...they're's as simple as that except for knowing how much yarn to buy. That's where I fall very short, but now I've been keeping track of how much yarn it takes to make a certain sized rectangle. Directions might be handy, but I'm not very good at following directions. Jimmy will vouch for that. hehehe

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!

Hope Megan's headache is all better by now! That's scary!...(from a grandmother's point of view! :) )

Those blankets are real pretty. Years ago I did a lot of crochet work- blankets etc. Just flat work! LOL- I just learned the simple stuff.

Take care,

Junie Rose

Tomas Dennis said...

Take care Megan
Sorry Sandy about the snow. Our snow is gone this morning.

Rachel said...

You didn't get enough snow to even make a miniature snowman!! hehe!! It would be nice to get at least one good snow. It's been awhile since we've had any to amount to anything. Say.....8-10 inches? That'd be good!

Megan is so pretty! I hope she does go back to the doctor about her head.

Love your blankets you crocheted. You are getting to be a real pro at it!! I love the yarn colors. So pretty!! Any baby would be proud to be wrapped in those. The scarfs are lovely too!

It does seem like there was a battle of the cats over the blankets! Very cute!!

doubleknot said...

Hope Megan is alright and gets over her headach. Maybe another trip to the doctor is wise.
Sounds like she loved your blankets. Too bad your snow didn't stick for a while any way. But like your daffadils predict spring is coming.

Cliff said...

The weather here is really something. The December snow has finally began to melt then 1 inch of rain yesterday followed by snow. What a mess on these country roads.
Your Grandaughter is a real beauty. Takes after Grandma I see.

... Paige said...

I'm glad she is ok & hope the headache gets better. I am also glad you & Jimmy are better, y'all were sick for a long time.
It was summer here yesterday (82) & winter today (53)
This is life near the coast in Texas much like Forrest’s box of chocolate-ya never know what ya gonna get.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ I've ahd plenty of snow this winter. I am ready for some SPRINGTIME! Cute pictures! ~ jb///

Susie said...

Megan's accident sounds painful. I'd be worried about her head too!
We're having beautiful weather here in CA.. Shall I send you some?

Kerri said...

Ross is out plowing snow from our driveway right now. Want me to send you some? We're supposed to end up with another 3 to 5" this weekend.
I hope Megan went back to the Dr. for a recheck. Head injuries shouldn't be taken lightly.
Those are a couple of gorgeous smiles there. You're a lucky grandma. It's a beautiful picture :)