Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's New....

The newest addition here is this little camera, very much like my old camera...handy, small and fits right into the pocket of my jeans. This little camera is slightly thicker than my old camera, but this only makes it easier to hold. Although I would REALLY love to have a much nicer one with a big lens and great zooming abilities, that's not practical for me and I know that I would not carry it with me at all times. Since I've always carried my little cameras in my pocket I sometimes use them to take pictures of the row I'm parked in, or of some item I want instead of writing it can even record something you want to remember when you don't have pencil or paper handy. I also use it to take pictures with...that's another benefit, hehehe.
These next two pictures (above & below) are of mufflers or scarves to keep your neck and ears warm in the cold winter months. I've been using some of my left-over yarn to make these with because it doesn't take much to crochet 7 ounce skein.
Jimmy says that they are much too long, and maybe they are, but you can wrap them around your neck a couple of times, including your face & ears. Suzanne is prone to ear aches, so the blue & white one is for her and I told her that it was an "ear blanket" that I made for her to wear when she goes down to the barn to feed the horses.

This is the beginning of another baby blanket and since I'm crocheting baby blankets we probably will have a dry spell of babies. This one I'm making for Megan. It's to put in her "Hope Chest" for the future. Megan is barely 18 right right now and my youngest granddaughter and by the time she settles down, gets married and decides to have babies I might not be able to crochet her a baby blanket at that time. You just never know what the future holds, so I'll make what I can now, while I can.
Megan's blanket is complete (above) and ready for its final inspection by Jybow. Jybow says, "It's Purr-fect," and gives her okay.
Hostile take-over of the blanket.
Daisy wants the blanket and Jybow is telling her to get off of Megan's blanket, and to get off of it RIGHT NOW!

A couple of days ago Sharon sent me this picture of Megan and her brother Zac on their skiing trip. They go skiing once or twice a year, usually around Christmas, but it was delayed this year. They always have fun and I don't think anyone has ever broken any legs or anything...not even their mom, who is accident prone like her mother. hehehe

No more news except to say that Jimmy & I have gotten over that lingering cold that we kept exchanging between us. It finally got tired of us and left...probably thought we were too boring. Since we have been bug free now for several days, we can now have visitors. Whooopie!

Peanut is here watching U.K. Wildcats play basketball with her dad and Megan will be coming over after the game for a visit and a bite to eat. Chris is still hanging on to life, but a decision is waiting to be made to remove her from life support. Her husband does not have an easy decision and I wouldn't wish that decision on anyone having already been put in those circumstances myself. Please pray for Chris and for the decision that is being placed upon her husband's shoulders.


Tammy said...

Megan and Zach are so cute!

Love your crochet work!

Have a warm and happy week-end!!

Tomas Dennis said...

You do create wonderful needle work. I am glad that you enjoy doing that. You also write rather well and folks do love what you say.
Kitten Yarn is home and blogging.
Love ya

Kerri said...

I'm so glad you found a new camera Sandy. I like your idea of using it as a 'reminder' tool. Clever!
The scarves look nice and warm and I love the new baby blanket. Jybow is doing a good 'boss job'. What a handy cat she is :)
Looks like Megan and Zac are enjoying themselves, as usual :) Great picture.
I'm keeping Chris and her family in my prayers. What a sad situation. Yes indeed, that's a horrible decision for her husband to have to make. May God give him courage, strength, comfort and peace.
So glad to hear you two are feeling better!

TUFFENUF said...

OOOOOOw! nice new camera. I carry mine on a lanyard around my neck. Hope you guys are staying warm! We feel like we haven't even had winter here, while I am sure the rest of the county is sick of it!