Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who needs a title when you have nothing to say?

I really don't have much to say today. I woke up fine and two hours later I'm sick again with this head congestion, watery eyes and runny nose...I also have a headache if you really need to know everything and I'm feeling a little nauseous & dizzy. And... if you can tell by the sound of my typing, I'm a bit irritated by this whole sickness thing that we just can't seem to shake.

I should be feeling great. There are little tweeting birdies right outside of my window playing hide & seek in the hedge, which is covered with snow. They seem to be having a ball flittering here and there. Am I making up words? Is there such a word as flittering? I can't think straight today and I'm too lazy to consult the dictionary and besides that, reading this is making me feel dizzzzzy.

I can't reach my brother today to leave my usual annoying comments to him. His blogs are dead silent and I know he is missing me. (hahaha...laughing in a sarcastic sort of way). They had an ice storm and their power is out cold, laying on the ground along with their electric lines to the house. The lines were struck down by broken tree branches from the weight of the ice, so I'm told. I'll let Motherkitty tell you all about it when she returns to civilization. I only know what I've heard and that isn't much.

We have about 3 inches of snow on the ground here today and it's really very pretty out. Last night it was treacherous out as the water froze on the roads and the rain turned to sleet and ice...and that's when I found out about the ice storm over on the western side of the state. I hope the power company comes to their aide soon and fixes their electric lines and restores their services today!

The little 'birds of the hedge' have now been joined by beautiful bright red Cardinals and their not so pretty mates. It's really very nice to be able to see the birds from such a close range...But it's also irritating to know that I can't take a picture of them without a camera. I've decided to remove the screen from the window and give the windows a good cleaning when I feel better and it warms up. To open the shutters and pull back the blinds...I just felt like saying that.

Since the cats have also discovered the birds on the hedge my poor copier is littered with cat litter as they sit next to my monitor screen. Little piles of cat litter left behind as they sit, watch the birds and clean every piece of litter from between their toes. I know if I remove the blinds, then I'll also have nose prints on the glass, and if I have to stop and clean the window before each time I want to take a picture, then I'll scare the birds away. No need to worry about that now anyway.

Did I mention that I'm sneezing constantly?

I called my daughter today...the one who is sick...little Suzannie (she hates to be called that). She told me that she was feeling better today...
and I told her that it comes back.


Tammy said...

I LOVE your title! I've drawn a blank the last few days and it is enough to drive me wonky. So I've just been reading my book and trying to keep warm!

I hope you get to feeling better soon...I think spring time will be the tonic don't you?

Love YOU!

JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Sandy,

Gee- hope you get to feeling better soon...however- even tho yer sick I still got a kick out of reading you this morning! :)

Take care and just know Spring WILL come to you!!



Rachel said...

Sorry to hear that you have the crud that is going around Sandy. I hope that you and Jimmy both are better.

We lucked out on that last weather thing! We only got a little skift of snow and that was it.

Take care and Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jimmy!!

Kerri said...

You're fun even when you have nothing to say :)
Sorry you're feeling so yukky. I hope your get-up-and-go comes back soon.
I need to wash my sliding glass door but I'd have to go outside to do it and the water would probably freeze on the glass, so I guess it can wait a while.
Sounds like we had matching Valentine's Days :)
Get well soon!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Sorry you aren't feeling well. There's so much of the "crud" going around and it does seem to come back for return visits. Hope you feel better soon.

Granny Annie said...

Poor Sandy! It seems this "crud" going around is a strain of Flu that the shot does not help. My daughter and grandson are disabled by it and so many bloggers I read are sick. Lots of schools in our area are being closed because of flu outbreak. We are staying home. Hope you are lots better soon!