Friday, March 07, 2008

A day to myself

Today I get a day to be by myself....
Well, almost by myself if you count being in the company of the cats and my favorite little bird, Cucoo.

Jimmy is off to spend some time with his sister Addie Mae who is in the hospital in Winchester. She fell and broke her hip in two places about two weeks ago and it wasn't discovered that the hip was broken until she repeatedly kept telling her doctor that something was wrong, and that she was NOT getting better after two weeks. The two breaks did not show up on two previous x-rays and finally they did some kind of dye test and confirmed that indeed something was terribly wrong. So today she is scheduled to have a partial hip replacement and I can't be there because I'm not feeling well. I'm sneezing constantly and blowing my nose, have a slight headache, sore throat and well, just all that yucky stuff.
I was also supposed to spend the afternoon and evening with Megan, meeting her new beau. We were supposed to go out to eat and then to a movie together along with Sharon and maybe Zac if he could make it. Now all that's canceled too, but not just because I'm not feeling well, but because of the weather....rain changing to ice and then maybe some snow as the day progresses. It's been pouring rain all morning and the cats have only gone out briefly to take care of business and then have come right back into the house.
I'm working on a doll blanket for myself with left over yarn. Cucoo & Jybow are checking it out and making some suggestions of where it should go. Jybow thinks it ought to go in her bed and Cucoo doesn't care where I put it...he's got his muffler and that's all he cares about...that and his birdseed.
The cats have also been quite helpful today. They've been busy dusting the tables for me except for Daisy, who refuses to help out and has just turned her back on any suggestions of work. That's okay, because she usually does the dusting all by herself on most other days anyway.

Rainy days are the appointed days for cleaning house around here, but Jimmy's gone, and I don't want to leave him out of all the fun, so I'm just going to busy myself with doing things that I like to do....and that certainly is not doing housework.

I just noticed how quiet it is around here. It's so quiet in the house that I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. The cats must be asleep, because I don't hear them chasing each other around the house playing their little cat games of hide n seek, and let me pounce on you. How peaceful it is without the background sound of the TV which is usually on when Jimmy is home. If I don't get up from here and quit blogging I'm going to put myself to sleep.

It's too bad that everyone in this world can't live in peace & harmony and get along. The only time I think that everyone is getting along is when I don't watch or hear the news.


sharon said...

I like Cucoo's scarf and I love my beautiful white one. Can you make me a matching hat :)

Motherkitty said...

Sorry to hear about Jimmy's sister. She must have been in an awful lot of pain. Too bad she had to go to such extremes to get her MD to believe her. Hope she has good results from the surgery.

Now, about your dust rags, I tried the same thing with my six, but they are just too darned lazy. They do try to help out when they can, such as keeping my bed nice and warm for me, and keeping me nice and comfortable when I'm in my La-Z-Boy. A dog just wouldn't do the same.

We are having snow. We will send it your way when we're finished with it.

... Paige said...

Sorry to hear about the broken hip. I sure hope that all works out.
Y'all are having rain, would you believe we have had snow fluries today. Really! They even had some down on the beach just before the sun came up this morning.
Feel better

Tammy said...

I had a good chuckle at cukoo's outfit...and the kitties dusting the table...
Wishing Jimmy's relative well!

Stay safe and warm!

Tomas Dennis said...

I hope you feel better by the time you read this and I like the little scarf.
Love ya

Kerri said...

I think avoiding the news on TV is a good way to have a peaceful day :)
Those kitties sure are helpful! I'll bet you didn't even have to ask :)
I'm happy to see Cucoo again :)
So sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you're doing better by now.