Saturday, March 08, 2008

The snow is still falling

How nice to wake up to a world covered in least here it's covered in snow and everything looks so fresh & white. Of course it's not so good for those early sprouts that had already started peeking up through the ground because we did have a day that was in the 70's sometime this week, followed by mild temps where I went outside in just a t-shirt and jeans...of course I didn't stay out all day dressed like that. I would have had to at least put on a light jacket or some long sleeves.

Last night it sleeted like I've never seen it sleet before. It lasted for hours hitting our windows and a couple of times the oddest thing happened....We heard thunder and saw lightning flashing across the night sky. Our cat Jybow of course ran for cover....and I do mean literally she ran and got under the covers of our bed. She's afraid of loud noises and Jimmy had to go in there and turn off our electric blanket so the cat wouldn't get over-heated while she was hiding.
Ah...beautiful snow! And this time I do hope we get what is forecasted for our area. We've missed all the storms this year and I think it's our turn to get some snow. My brother over on the other side of the state gets all the snow all the time. They get deep snows over there when they get snow and it's just not fair.

You can see (picture above) that one little bird was ready for the snow. Cucoo has had his warm sweatshirt and muffler on for a couple of days in anticipation of this snow. Every time the weatherman even mentioned the possibility of snow, Cucoo would run and get all dressed up in his winter attire. All that purple hair keeps his head warm, so there's no need for a hat.
Jimmy went out first thing this morning, and chopped a hole in the ice so that the critters outside would have water to drink.
He then went and got some ears of corn to take back to the creek for the squirrels. See the corn in his hand? He's trying to get into this little shed to get some black walnuts to put in a tray for the squirrels too, but he had a hard time getting that lock was frozen and he had to light a newspaper on fire to thaw it out.
While Jimmy was feeding the squirrels the birds waited for their food perched in the trees & bushes. They emptied their feeders last night and what was left was frozen solid by this morning. He had to clean & scrape out the frozen seeds before he could give them fresh food.
See those long things hanging by the feeders to the right? Those are called socks and they're filled with thistle seed for the small yellow finches. You can see them better in the pictures below. It rained all day yesterday and by this morning they were frozen solid so we had to bring them inside to thaw them out.

Jimmy swept off the porches and all the walk-ways but they're covered with snow again. It's snowing the biggest, prettiest flakes you could ever imagine.
These last two pictures were taken this week. I was trying to see how close I could get to the birds before they would fly away. I'm now satisfied that I will be able to get some close-up pictures soon by just sitting on a picnic table close by the feeders. The birds are getting used to us and not all of them see us as harmful. My problem is when I sit close by, so do the cats. The cats demand that all my attention be focused on them and as they move around they scare the birds off.
I got so excited about the snow that I forgot to drink my coffee this morning. Jimmy just handed me my cold up of coffee and asked me why I didn't drink it and was there something wrong with it this morning? I told him that his coffee was fine and that I just forgot all about it when I saw the snow. He's now fixing us some sausage & eggs for breakfast while I write this post. He's so sweet. :)

I'm still in my PJ's and when I saw the snow, I slipped on my coat, grabbed my camera, put on some slip on shoes and went outside. I'm sure nobody noticed because nowadays you can't tell if those are pajamas or pants people are wearing. hehehe. Once while Jimmy & I were shopping I called attention to a young lady that was wearing pants that were identical to my pajamas. We could see no difference whatsoever. They were even made of the same material and just looked like leisurely pants.

I hope that you are enjoying your exciting new day as I am.


Motherkitty said...

Where did you get those "socks" for the thistle seeds? I need several of those also. Every time I put mine out, and it gets wet, the seeds get like concrete. I have been throwing seeds on the deck, or a tray, or filling up our feeders. We've had birds galore all wanting their daily "bread".

I especially like Cuckoo's scarf. It's so stylish. I hope he doesn't get frostbite on his ears, though. But I imagine all that hair will keep him safe.

Hope your snow stays around. I think ours will be all melted in the next day or two.

JunieRose2005 said...

AHH Sandy!

You make that snow sound like a whole lot of fun! I'm sure it is if it doesn't last too long!! :) For sure it's very beautiful! I love those pictures you got of the cardinals in the trees!


doubleknot said...

Very nice pictures of the snow and the birds and the feeders. This is the first time I have ever seen sock feeders like that I guess we don't need them down here in Florida.
It never stays cold here for long and not long enough for a lock to freeze closed. Hope Jimmy was careful with the burning paper.

Sandy said...

Motherkitty...the "socks" were purchased at Wally World and come filled with thistle seed.

Junie...the snow never lasts too long around here. It'll probably be gone by Sunday least most of it will.

Doubleknot...the "socks" can be hung from a tree or from a hanger on your porch railing. The yellow finches land on the socks and peck out the seeds through the mesh-like cloth. It doesn't have to be cold outside, we also hang them out when it's warm.

Kerri said...

I'm so glad you got some decent snow! Jimmy is so good the way he looks after the critters. I know how difficult the cold can make things...with locks freezing and so on.
And then he cooks your breakfast. What a great guy! :)
You're lucky to get so many cardinals. Do they come during the warmer seasons too? Ours don't. We get the goldfinches all summer though, when they're that beautiful bright yellow.
Cuckoo is a lucky boy to have such a warm muffler and sweatshirt...and purple hair besides :)