Sunday, March 09, 2008

Popcorn Ball

Hoppy (nickname for Hopalong) really likes her new toy...
The Popcorn Ball

I need a high speed camera...this cat is moving fast!!!

The Popcorn Ball with all its charm and beauty is an excellent lure in reeling in those playful felines. Buy one today at the special low price of $19.99, AND if you act in the next 2 seconds you will receive two...yes two... at that same amazingly low price of $19.99 plus S&H ($45) and applicable state taxes (in most states 23%). But you must act quickly and if you took the time to read all this you're already too late.
Where's that high speed camera when you need one!?!

Look how much fun Hoppy is having trying to lure Jybow into going after the bait.
Even cats have fun fishing for other felines
with the new & exciting toy...
the Popcorn Ball

Original post before pictures & captions were added:

Boo hoo....our snow is melting and it's melting FAST. We can see the ground and have green patches of grass everywhere. So what else is there to do when it's too wet to be outside? You make a cat toy, as suggested by my good friend Kerri, in order to use up some of my left over pieces of yarn.

I had more pictures to share, but blogger said to come back in 30 minutes and I being the impatient blogger that I am, I couldn't wait. When I get blogging on my mind I just load up my pictures and begin saying what I'm going to say. The pictures were just some blurry action shots anyway of Hopalong playing with the new toy. The cats love it and I call it their Popcorn Ball because I finally found a use for the crocheted stitch called the Popcorn Stitch.

I used one of the cats old plastic balls, one of those that have a jingle bell inside that they never played with...they just didn't like it. I crocheted a length of about 5 inches long and I made three rows of popcorn stitch and then I wrapped it around that little ball and attached a VERY LONG crocheted chain to it. It's made long so that Jimmy can sit in his chair and throw it halfway across the room and reel it back in. You know??? Like fishing for cats. It'll bring them out from wherever they're hiding.

I'm going to just do a little experimenting and see if I can load in those other pictures. I've never been any good at loading pictures after I've finished my post, but I'll give it a try.
It worked...see pictures and captions the top. Yea, I know you already saw them :(

Well this has been my Sunday so far and I'm sniffling & sneezing again, but feel really good....I'm not sick, but I may be contagious, so everyone please stay away.

I just had a thought. What if I've become allergic to cats? :( :( :( :( :(


Tomas Dennis said...

I'll take a popcorn ball they sound great. Our cats play with those round rubber bands that hold up ponytails. One cat holds it in her teeth and flips it in the air and chases it. Our orange cat holds it in her teeth and flips it into the air but forgets to open her mouth and the rubber band stays in her mouth.

Kerri said...

Those kitties sure are having fun with their new popcorn ball. What a neat idea Sandy. You're a clever girl :) Those kitties appreciate you, I'm sure.