Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not just an ordinary day

Today I got up from my rocking chair, put away the yarn, scissors, measuring tape and crochet hook, and went outside. Well actually I did that yesterday too...went outside that is.

The clumps of Daffodils are looking especially pretty this Spring. I think it's because of all the rain that we've had. I walked around the yard and admired all of them. Even my neighbors daffodils bloomed this year. She planted hers along the edge of our fence and someday they'll be crossing the fence line, I hope. We've shared many flowers that way. Half of my iris's ended up on her side of the fence and their gladiolas decided the grass was greener on my side of the fence and have completely moved over. I've planted climatis on the fence and neither of us mind sharing all the pretty flowers. My only complaint is that the sun rises from her side of the fence, and the blooms want to face her house. hehehe

Besides looking at daffodils and looking for plant sprouts, I cleared most of the dead fallen leaves away from the water garden. The cats had knocked over my little Chinese rock house and the little rabbit, so I straightened them up. My little Chinese rock house is made of two ordinary rocks that I found...a square one for the bottom and the curved pointy rock for the roof. I found them in Cynthiana while gathering limestone rocks out of my son's yard. We were gathering large rocks to put around our water garden pool.

These two cats don't like each other, but neither is giving up the picnic table for the other. So they sit as far away from each other as they can get, and still be on the table. That's Jybow & Callie. Callie (the calico) is our non-resident cat unless she's with kittens and we are the place she chooses to bear her kittens. Right now she has two sweet, born on Easter Sunday kittens, hidden in our dog house by the back door. She knows they'll be safe there because of the way we fan the door, all day long, letting cats in and out, and in and out...What tomcat is foolish enough to hang around our back door. When Callie's here we know not to put any food anywhere near the doghouse so as not to attract other animals.

Callie went back to the doghouse and Jybow is just making sure that she isn't hiding under the table....or maybe Jybow is just checking for spiders.

Are you wondering about the blog title? Well to me, no day is just an ordinary day....
They're all a gift and something to be thankful for.


Kerri said...

This post wasn't showing up in my bloglines. I'm glad to see you've had some decent weather and that your daffodils are blooming. Lucky you!
I especially love the last picture of Jybow.
You're right...every day is a gift.
Happy Thursday to you! :)

Susie said...

Hi Sandy!
Love your daffodils. Mine are all done blooming. Glad you're having nicer weather. You're so right that every day is a gift..