Monday, March 31, 2008

So what do you do, on a rainy day?

ANSWER: You go visit your dear sweet little old grandmother, who just sits at home crocheting, acting silly with Jimmy, and yearning for a visit from her kids and grandchildren.

Granddaughter Megan dressed in tangerine
with pigtails

Megan & Sharon got off work early today and stopped in to visit around noon. OOOPS! I didn't even offer you girls any lunch. Shame on me!!!! I was eating my bowl of cereal and for some reason I thought it was still early. When you're retired you don't pay any attention to time and half the time I don't even know what day of the week it is. I did enjoy their visit and Sharon said my hair is now long enough for a curly perm. hmmm...I've always wanted curls. I wonder if I'll really like them? One thing good about having short hair is that you can always cut them off if you don't like them.

My daughter Sharon

As you can see from their pictures, Megan takes after her mother...they love to act silly and take silly pictures. hehehe. I wonder where they get that from???

Aren't these ladies slippers colorful....

This hat and scarf set turned out perfect.

This is really soft, soft, soft and did I tell you how soft this long scarf is? Someone next winter will really be warm, but right now I just don't know who that will be. This yarn is a squiggly, zig zaggy sort of yarn that is fun to work with but knots up easily. It looks like a knotted up soft carpet when you're finished and I dare not try making a matching hat to go with it unless I can glue this stuff on a bowl or something that resembles a hat. Anyway....there's enough of this scarf to wrap around your neck and head there's your matching hat.

Oh, how nice.....
Jimmy just came in with a bunch of bills from the mail. It must be getting close to the first of the month.


Tomas Dennis said...

Tomorrow is payday for this old man. Nice knitting.

judypatooote said...

I have two paydays a is Social Security and the other is from my investments....and it is really tough sitting around waiting for them to appear in my checking account......but hey, that is one of the perks of being old......I have to start getting into the crafty mood, and making something....I love your colorful slippers.....I use to knit and crochet, but it's been awhile because my wrists hurt when I do a lot of that.....another old age perk...... see ya, judy

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sandy,

So nice your girls came by to see you!

Seems I see less and less of my grands as I get older! I wonder why that is~ guess I'm just not interesting or exciting enough these days!

You sure do keep busy with your crochet work- and it's all very pretty!

Oh! Tonight we'll be going out to dinner- It's my husband's birthday! (Yep- he's an April Fool guy!)

Take care,


... Paige said...

I think the silliness comes from one Bubblegum butt
The wedding shower photos are great! I'm sure they will be very happy.
Best to Jimmy and Cucoo

Cliff said...

A big bunch of great pics for sure. The future looks bright for your family.

Rachel said...

You are becoming a crochet whiz!!! When summer gets here and the trike is dusted off you will lay those crochet hooks aside for awhile, possibly? :)

I wish I could get in the position that Megan is in, without a trip to the ER afterwards!!

Alipurr said...

pic of you so cute, dancer girl thought it was funny, megan looks so cute too

finally finished my friend's afghan, working on something different this week, we are going to a medieval faire this afternoon with our homeschoolinggroup...that is your big hint :)

Anonymous said...

we are enjoying the benefits from these rainy days, thanks again for my colorful slippers.