Saturday, April 05, 2008


My life has been kind of a holding pattern waiting for the dreary gray skies to move out and make way for some sunshine. I haven't done anything new or interesting. I've been playing with the cats....
and doing lots of crocheting.
Since Jimmy won't model my scarves, here is one that I finished this week. Sharon says that I look sheek, hehehe. This particular scarf I made for her so I'm glad that she thinks I look sheek...or maybe she said, "sheesh!"

The daffodils are still blooming away. They've lasted longer than usual and are still looking beautiful today even after being pounded down by heavy rain for the last two days. They've bounced right back up at attention.

I'm still trying to get some bird pictures, but the weather hasn't been too cooperative, but I did manage to get this picture of two doves sitting up in a tree.

Here's another bird. Their blue heads look so pretty, but when they come they come in droves and eat all the birdseed in one sitting out of all the bird feeders. I noticed yesterday, through the rain, that the little yellow finches are turning a brighter yellow. I went out between showers but as soon as I would position myself the rain would start again so I was forced to come back inside. I'll just have to wait for some dry days to get pictures
The Forsythia Bushes are also blooming right now and we have them planted near the creek. While I was back there taking pictures of the Forsythias I noticed that I scared off two little gray squirrels. I saw them running along the ground and then quickly up into the trees. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see them sooner and get a picture of them when suddenly I saw it! another little squirrel that didn't run off with the others.
This little gray squirrel stayed put eating the last few grains of corn. I slowly walked closer until I was straight in front of him...he kept on eating.
He watched me and I watched him. Maybe he thought I had another ear of corn for him. He didn't seen afraid, but he only let me get so close to him and then he darted up the tree and stopped and scolded me for a while.
The tree the feeder is on is about 10-15 feet from the creek bank surrounded by hickory nut and black walnut trees. To the front of his little feeder are two cherry trees and to the right of them raspberry bushes and grape vines. The garden is also located nearby for his feasting pleasure.
Did you know that these little fellas also like dry cat food? Beside raiding the bird feeders, we also find them eating from the cat feeders.

These next two pictures were not taken this week. The cardinals are from our last snow. I see cardinals everyday...they tease me and sit right outside my window ( 3-4 feet away), behind my computer monitor screen and by the time I run for the camera they're gone.

This is also an old picture from last summer of the woodpecker. He also visits daily along with other smaller peckerwoods, as Jimmy refers to them. While living out in the woods we had a red headed woodpecker that was as large as a wild mallard duck. It was the most amazing bird to watch. Since moving from Shady Oaks I haven't seen a woodpecker that large.
Although I see the woodpecker everyday, he doesn't let me get close to him yet. He jumps up into the tree when I approach and stays on the opposite side of the trunk. I've seen two woodpeckers at the same time at the bird feeders and they both looked exactly alike. They are also pecking and chipping away at our wooden feeders and pretty soon the feeders will fall apart. At least they aren't pecking on our house as they are on my youngest daughter's roof constantly that she has to go out with a broom and scare them away.

And here is Suzanne (aka youngest daughter). She's also very elusive as she doesn't like her picture taken and will do anything to avoid it. Here she's trying to get out the door because I pulled my camera out. She's a very fast thinker and quickly uses her Mt.Dew can. I put away my camera and she comes back.
Oh shucks!
missed her again.

* The picture of the woodpecker was fuzzy so I did a little digital magic to it.


jellyhead said...

Well I can see spring has well & truly sprung in your part of the world! The birds and flowers are lovely.
I know it can be tedious when nothing much is going on, but think how wonderful your weekend would sound to a stressed-out business executive.... kidding around taking photos, crocheting, playing with cats, family visiting - have I convinced you yet what a lovely weekend you're having? :-)

Kerri said...

Jelly's right. Your weekend sounds very relaxing and fun. I like Jimmy's squirrel feeder..and it seems the little furry guy does too. That big bird that shows up in flocks is a grackle. We've had them lately too, but luckily only a few at a time so far. They're 'bully birds', but they sure are pretty colors.
Good job with the bird pics! We've been seeing the cardinals every day for a while now too.
Nice scarf. Very chic :)

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Lovely to see the photos from your part of the country! I had no idea that squirrels would eat cat food. I'm not quite sure how Vincent would feel about that!!

Tomas Dennis said...

Spring is here. It is a chilly spring but it is here. I hope it warms up this afternoon. I can't believe that a woodpecker wood be so big but I have seen some big woodpeckers. Take Care

PEA said...

Good morning dear Sandy:-)

I so enjoyed reading your any pictures of birds and such! Kerri is right, that's a grackle with the bluish head. Those darn things drive me crazy..they eat all the seed and sound like squeaky hinges! lol

We still have a lot of snow but it's finally slowly starting to melt. The last few days it's been nothing but sunshine and temps in the 40's so it's helping to melt it. Can't wait until it's all gone, it's been a longgggg Winter!

I love the scarf you crocheted...quite a beautiful model you make too! hehe xox

Rachel said...

Loved all your pictures Sandy. You do look very sheek in the scarf!!
I'm glad you feed the squirrels too! I love to watch them eating. I think he was telling you to bring more corn!!!

I do not know WHY Jimmy won't model those scarves for you??!! :) I'm sure he'd look real cute....and sheek!!!

Alipurr said...

so much to say
love the scarf, makes me want to take a pic of the 8 foot scarf i made myself in high school :)

very sunny today so we took a walk and visited our friends in the neighborhood, and had a great time, we are seeing violets and daffodils and lots of phlox, would love to have some of that

my hostas are peeking up out of the ground

suzanne is sooo funny, love those pics
we have seen lots of cardinals, as usual, i thought i saw a couple of purple finches, and we have heard woodpeckers, but not seen them