Sunday, April 06, 2008

never kiss a dog (in the mouth)

As you can tell by the pictures of food, Jimmy & I placed a bet on last nights tournament basketball game and he won....
So he took me to my favorite, or one of my favorite places to eat today. I can't lose for winning, hehehe.
I can't wait to see who wins on Monday between Kansas & Memphis. I'm sure it'll be me again. hehehe.
Since we strictly adhere to the rule of 'let mother take care of her kittens,' this is the only survivor and it is 2 weeks old today. When I stuck my camera into the doghouse to take its picture it was sucking on the flannel bed sheet.
Isn't it cute? And it almost looks identical to its mother Callie. Although I promised Jimmy that I wouldn't bring Callie & her kitten into the house this year away from those mean roving tomcats, I have tried to keep a sharp eye out for the toms and have chased them's not been easy, cause they're very sneaky. Callie likes to come into the house to use the litter box so as not to attract the toms into the yard, but they have found her anyway. Jimmy found one of the toms sitting right on top of the doghouse waiting for Callie to come out.
I want to bring this kitten, along with Callie into the house but the last time I tried that we had war and nightly cat fights between Callie and our regular house cats. Callie made all the rules and wouldn't allow the other cats to wander as they pleased around the house.
Callie resting near the doghouse.
She's sitting in the shade because it was a wonderful 72 degrees. Jimmy took his motorcycle out for a spin and I told him I'd go with him tomorrow when there aren't all those Sunday drivers out. It seemed everyone was out on the roads today taking full advantage of this warm dry weather.
After his ride, Jimmy sat on the back steps listening to his iPod while I wandered around the yard taking pictures. We still don't have any leaves on the trees, but it won't be long now.
I checked the yellowness of the Finches against an earlier picture in the winter and their color looks the same. I could have sworn that they were turning a brighter yellow. Maybe I was looking at an occasional yellow canary who happened by.

The weeds seem to be doing GREAT and I'm sure that somewhere these are called flowers. They are rather pretty, but this little vine chokes up my flowers if I don't pull them out.

Jybow was enjoying the sunshine too. As you can see, besides going for a ride on the motorcycles we need to first ride that mower around the yard and cut the grass.

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you what happened this afternoon while Suzanne & I were sitting outside with Jybow & Daisy, who were laying on the porch steps. Two friendly dogs came into the yard, both small but one very, very small....some sort of costly pedegre that shouldn't have been out running loose. They came up to us and wanted to be petted, and to my surprise the cats just continued to lay on the steps keeping an eye open for any sudden moves by the dogs of course. The two cats and the two dogs were two feet from each other at times and the dogs never even knew the cats were there. What happened to that keen sense of smell that dogs are supposed to have? The cute tiny pedegre was standing next to me when suddenly it looked up and saw the two GIANT SIZED cats...(my cats are normal sized cats) and took off running as fast as its little legs would go and ran all the way home and then started barking at its front door to be let inside. Suzanne & I laughed and we tried to get the other dog to look into the cats eyes, but to no avail...nothing was going to distract this dog, not even a cat. He stayed until he was ready to leave and then he went back home, but not until he got full on cat snacks that he plucked from between the blades of grass.

I'm never kissing a dog again! That dog anyway.


Tomas Dennis said...

That was a nice story. I always assumed that dogs could sense a cat near. Too much television and fresh dog treats for those noses.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sandy,

Happy to see you're enjoying your spring days.

Oh! That little kitty is cute! I just love cali-cats like that!