Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So...what's new?

Well...there's no snow to report for today although we had some flurries yesterday that were rather pretty, and just about 3 days earlier the temp was in the 70's. This is a picture of Sharon out hiking in the last snow that we had. It didn't last long and melted away the next day. Today the skies are sunny and there isn't a cloud up there, just an endless sky of blue. It looks like it's going to be another beautiful day here in paradise.

This cardinal was outside my window peeking in at me as I was trying to compose my post. He looks a little shy.

It's become a habit with me now to crochet each time I sit down. My lap gets rather crowded with my project and with Daisy. She's learned that if she wants to remain there, she is not to playfully grab at the dangling yarn. Each time she grabbed my yarn, I simply put her down off my lap and she soon learned not to touch the yarn....Of course, she turns her back on me now so she isn't tempted. Smart kitty.

I haven't got passed making rectangles yet and look what I made with one. Yep...these slippers are made by making two separate rectangles, folding each in half and stitching them up leaving only a hole for your foot to slide into. Then I added a cuff. They were too loose, so I also had to make some slippers strings ( you know....'shoe strings'). I laced them in and out and drew them tight and tied a bow. Walaah.... cozy warm slippers.
They need to come with a WARNING though...

A close-up view

Here's Sharon preparing an Easter Basket for Megan. She's adding lots of extra goodies to a pre-made Easter basket. When she was finished Sharon tried to hide it under Megan's bed but it wouldn't fit, so she just hid the card under there with a hint for Megan on where she could find her Easter Basket. Megan is Sharon's baby...she's barely 18....not months....Y.E.A.R.S.

while Sharon was busy with Megan's Easter Basket, I was playing with Megan's hats and generally snooping around her room. And, NO! I didn't snoop in closed up areas like drawers, cabinets or closets. I just looked at everything that was out in plain site. I was being good, hehehe.

Matt gave us a new in the box medicine cabinet, and it was so timely as Jimmy & I were just talking about one the day before. Jimmy attached it to the bathroom wall and we love it. Now I have a place to put my two prescription bottles in, plus all the other stuff you fill them up with.

Daisy found a strange cat wandering around the living room and had to stop and take a good look at it. I'm not sure if she liked the kitty or not, as she wasn't too sure about approaching it.

I really can't remember everything that's happened since I blogged last unless I took a picture of it. As I get older I need picture reminders of events that happen so I try to keep my camera handy, to everyone's dismay. It's a well known fact that the first topic of conversation when being introduced to someone is to warn them that," grandma has a camera and will use it to put embarrassing pictures of you on her blog....so watch out."

Hope everyone had a nice Easter and didn't eat too many chocolate bunnies or marshmallow peeps as I did. I found out that if I eat a WHOLE box of peeps at one sitting...make that two boxes...that I get mean & cranky from the sugar over-load. Now I know what Laura & Brian go through. Sugar never bothered me before, but I tried it a second time just to confirm the meanness, and I got cranky again. No more sugar for me...anyway not in large amounts.


... Paige said...

glad you are well and the snow has stopped, at least for now.
Maybe you will get to see green grass this year after all.

Tomas Dennis said...

Your going to get wind that is what we are getting. I fixed my sink ad now I am going to patch the hole I made behind the valve. I like your booties. Your going to have to learn to put non-skid bottoms on those booties.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ I loved the picture of you with Megan's hat on... Really nice to see a couple of Sharon's pictures again too! I hope you all had a Blessed Easter? ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

Like the purple yarn, smeone has good taste. A+ on the booties.
And love the colors of the hat and scarf below. nice.

jellyhead said...

Good to hear from you, Sandy. I see you have been busy making more cute crocheted goods!

I can't believe the story about you getting 'mean' on sugar - you couldn't ever be genuinely mean I bet. Maybe you were mildly crotchety? ;-)

Granny said...

I hope your spring arrives soon. As for us, we're looking at spring flowers, trees in bloom, and days of temperatures in the mid seventies.

We've done a little planting (or my hubbie has - I don't touch growing things for fear of killing them where they stand) and our little shrub of a climbing rose has a bud.

Love the booties. Someday I'll tell you the story of my one attempt at knitting a baby sweater. Suffice it to say I stuck to rectangles after that.

Granny said...

P. S. I'm pretty sure your booties are crochet but the principle is the same. Garments are not my strong suit although I do well with doilies and potholders.

Kerri said...

Daisy is a quick learner :) You're becoming a proficient crocheter! The slippers are very cute.
I love all your pictures, especially the one of you in Megan's hat.
Maxine was doing the same thing with a mirror the other day. It was a riot to watch. She kept looking behind the mirror, trying to find the 'other' cat.
We had a very quiet Easter, but nice, thanks. Hope you did too Ms. Grouchy :) Did you really have to test the theory a second time? Poor Jimmy ;)