Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunny skies

Sunny skies make for sunny moods....finally we have some sunshine around here. I was beginning to think that we were living back in the times of Noah and his ark, we've had so much rain. I was getting a little worried about the creek out back hoping that it wouldn't rain enough for it to leave its banks. We lucked out but from watching the news I saw where many people in several states, including mine, are having trouble with flooding.

Today I'm going outside and enjoy some of this welcomed sunshine. I noticed the hedge outside my window has little tiny new green leaves, here and there...a welcomed site. Jimmy will be staying in and watching all of the basketball games who are on the Road To The Final Four. He doesn't just watch our team, but all of them no matter who they are. He looks forward to basketball season and especially to March and all the madness that goes on in March.
I made a hat to go with a muffler and although it's made of matching yarn, the stitches are different so it doesn't match too well. I'm still calling it a set though, hehehe. I went back and put tassels on all of the scarves/mufflers that I have left here at home and I must say that now they look finished. I followed some instructions (easy for beginners instructions) to make the hat and although I didn't quite understand everything about the instructions, the hat turned out and it fit Jimmy. He wouldn't model it and let me take his picture, because he knew that I would stick it up on my blog, hehehe. The scarf and hat are girly looking and I can't seem to make anything that looks manly, so I'll keep experimenting with different crochet stitches, because I'm not good at following those crochet instructions...I don't have the patience.

On some scarves I put lots of tassels but not on this pink one. I just put a few and I liked how delicate it looked. It really looks better around someones neck, but Jimmy wouldn't let me take his picture this time either. He did look good in pink though.

I'm on my way outside to soak up some of this sunshine and to do a little bird watching.

Someone asked me if the Cardinals stayed here year round and I think they do.
Also Kerri you asked me how Jybow got her name. Jimmy's father used to call all baby animals on their farm little jybows...don't ask me why. And to answer your other question: Jimmy is reading The Last Juror by John Grisham.

Have a nice day and come see me if you can.


Rachel said...

Hi Sandy! I enjoyed the sunshine today too. Like you said it has been gloomy and dreary and so it was nice to see the sun!

Your scarves are pretty. I don't know why Jimmy wouldn't model things for you!! Sounds like he is one smart fellow!! I saw where KY lost today. Boooo on that!!! I don't follow them but I would like for them to win.

Say Hi to Jimmy for me!

Kerri said...

I'm glad you've had some sunshine at last Sandy, and hope it stays for the Easter weekend. It's bright and sunny here today, but the breeze is icy and the temps are still low..30ยบ this morning, but up a tad more now.
Aw, come on Jimmy...model those scarves and hat! Be a good sport! :) I don't really blame him at all for not wanting to look like an idiot for all the world to see on your blog :)
You've done a beautiful job. I love the matching set.
Thanks for answering my questions :)
Have a wonderful and blessed Easter with Jimmy and your dear family.

Tim Rice said...

It sounds like you are having much fun. :) And the scarf is beautiful - that is for a woman to wear. ;)

jellyhead said...

Hiya Sandy, long time no 'see'!

I think those hats and scarves are very fetching.... can't for the life of me understand why Jimmy didn't want to wear them! Well, perhaps the pink & tassels may have been a BIT too feminine.

Reading back through previous posts, I just want to wish you ever brighter and warmer weather, to keep you cheery, and to lift the spirits of your loved one who is fighting off depression.

XO Jelly