Monday, April 14, 2008

And she makes housecalls too....

Last Wednesday we were all pampered by my sweet daughter Sharon to a hair coloring & cutting party. Some of us got their hair styled and some got color, but poor little Sharon had no one to work on her hair...not that it needed any work mind you.Sharon loaded up her scissors, combs, colors and capes and came on over to my house where we all met.
Megan got some color on her beautiful long hair because of some strange orange stripes...or maybe I'm supposed to call them 'streaks' in her hair. They looked fine to me, but her mom didn't like them. Megan had a good time and entertained all of us while getting her hair colored.

You have to get into all kinds of positions to be able to reach when you don't have that chair with you. You know the one that goes up and down and turns 360ยบ.
Here are those streaks I was talking about in Megan's hair.

Another position. That little picnic table comes in handy.
Back on top again.
Now it's Suzanne's turn for a long over-due haircut. She got about 4 inches cut off her long hair.
You probably have noticed that we all have dark hair. Not because it's dyed but because we were born with it. I'm getting a few little gray hairs around my side-burns and we counted 3-4 gray hairs in Suzanne's head. Of course Megan is still too young for gray hair. Myself, I always wanted to be a blonde but Sharon has never been able to put a rinse on my hair that will cover dark brown / black hair and I think my blonde days are over with anyway. The time has long passed when I could have more fun as a blonde.

I was going to get a curly perm, but then I chickened out. By the time Sharon did her magic on my hair I didn't need a perm because I had enough curl in my head already and how it got there I don't know. We're still trying to figure that out. Perhaps it's my age or my medicine that has given me curls. I think it's how Sharon cut it and then she razored my whole head to give it some texture and body.......and curls.
While I was getting my haircut it started to drizzle which was fine because it kept my hair wet while she was cutting it, but then it started to really rain hard, so we had to move to the front porch.
Wallah....Here I am. This is the back of my head after my haircut. It looks like I had it fixed but it just dried that way on its own. I always had long straight hair until I cut it short in my old age and it sure has turned out to be much easier to care for short. And the money I save on shampoo I can use to fill up my bike with gasoline. hehehe. I haven't had to use the hairdryer since Sharon cut my hair. It's called a " tossle cut" because you just toss your head about after your shower and let it dry on its own.
These are pictures of Zac getting a haircut too (in Megan's apartment). Sharon cut his hair on Friday for a big date....he wanted to look nice for that special new girlfriend that he met at work. Megan has her back to us in the picture, and has rolled up her hair in hot rollers. Perhaps she had a big date too.
Sharon, Megan and I had spent the whole afternoon shopping in Lexington on Friday, and after Sharon & I left the apartment we went out for Chinese food and then home.

Back to Wednesday in this picture and Suzanne getting her haircut.
I should have sorted these pictures out a little better. Now we are back at the apartment and it is Friday. I've been told that you can move your pictures to suit your post once you have written what you want, but I've never been able to do that. I tried and I just deleted one.
He looks happy. He must be talking about his girlfriend.....or his grandma.

On Wednesday before I got my haircut Sharon said, "Let me cover your gray mom with this rinse I have." Of course I asked what it was and she told me that it would wash out easily over time. I told her I wanted auburn color or something of that nature and she said she just had violet. I told her that I didn't want to have blue hair like a little old lady or a smurf, and she said that if would only show up on the little bit of gray that I had and not to worry. To cut a long story short.....Don't let anyone put violet in your hair. It may not be blue, but I now have purple side-burns and I look like a punk rocker.

It's a pretty purple though and thank goodness it only shows up in bright sunlight.


jellyhead said...

I always said you were the most 'hip' great-grandmother in the world, and now with your purple streaks it is certain ;-)

Sounds like such a happy time you at at the 'hairdo party'. You & your family really know how to have FUN!

Tomas Dennis said...

Good morning.

doubleknot said...

Wow a hair do get together. You are lucky to have such talent in your family and your cut looks good. How long will you have purple side burns?

Kerri said...

So where's the picture of the purple highlights? Jelly's're one hip grandma :)
How lucky you are to have your own personal hairdresser! Love the pics. Looks like you had loads of fun :)