Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Since Friday morning I've been battling with my personal email account which I receive and read in Outlook Express. I can receive email, but I can't reply. How frustrating is that??? I tried to remedy the situation Friday to some extent, but I had to leave and by the time I got home it was too late to bother an IT man on a weekend....so I waited until Monday morning to call for help.

I explained my situation to an IT man over in India and we had a difficult time understanding each other....me, with my deep southern accent and he with his accent from his native country of India, but we did the best we could. Nothing he suggested resolved my problem. I followed his step by step instructions and nothing worked. He finally suggested that the problem was not in the service that my DSL provided me, but that it must be a Microsoft problem and gave me the phone number to the Microsoft Corporation. Wish me luck with that call because I think I'll need it.

This morning I tinkered around with my email account remembering the instructions that he had given me and now I'm not even getting incoming mail. Of course it just might be that no one has emailed me yet this morning. I'll have to send myself an email from my blog email account which is gmail to see if I have further messed things up. The gmail account has always worked flawlessly for me and sometimes others have mentioned that my personal account was bouncing back emails and resorted to using the gmail account....it has never failed me yet, so perhaps I'll just start using it for all my mail and quit trying to juggle two email accounts.

I don't know anything about the workings & settings of a computer. I know how to wiggle my mouse and click around and that's about it. I leave the teckie stuff to the experts.
So for the time being, if you need to email me and want a response, send your emails to the email address on my blog. You can find it on my Profile page.


Susie said...

That sounds frustrating. When my brother was having a hard time communicating with tech support in India for his computer, he asked to be connected to tech support here in the US. They transferred him and he was able to get the problem solved. Might be worth a try?

Tomas Dennis said...

I sent you an email I think I can help.

jellyhead said...

How annoying for you.

I am the same, Sandy - no idea about IT beyond what I need to do to e-mail or blog (and even then my knowledge is very rudimentary)

Good luck solving the problem!

doubleknot said...

Glad your brother was able to help you out. I don't know why we have to talk to some one in a different country for problems. I think I will give Tomas a visit I may want to ask his advice some time.