Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bird watching with my cat

The first step in bird watching is location, location, location. Next is to get properly placed and in position by making yourself as comfortable as possible. You never know how long you will have to remain in this position, so a quick bath is sometimes in order.

Make sure that you are properly camouflaged and wear clothing that blends into your surroundings so as not to be spotted easily by the birds. Notice how still Jybow has become...the birds think that she's not paying any attention to them and go on doing what they normally do...sit on the branches above us and send down little wet presents.

She's doing a wonderful job of pretending not to pay any attention to the birds isn't she?

Her approach is working. Here's our first bird and the red arrow is pointing to it. See how close the little birdy is? Jybow's job is to lure the birds close and my job is to take their pictures without causing the hammock to swing too much. We did have a brief moment of fright when the hammock tossed us both out, but we made a quick recovery and bounced right back on.

This is a female yellow finch. She's not too bright....I was able to sneak up behind her to about a foot from her.

Oh my....
she came around and is surprised by my presence and doesn't exactly know what to do. She's thinking, "Should I fly or just pretend I don't see that human standing so close...and why isn't she moving?"
We both stand there frozen and I'm utterly surprised that I could get so close to this little bird without it flying away the moment it saw me. I could have reached out and snatched it up in my hand when it's back was to me and for a moment I thought that this little bird must be sick because it went on eating for a few seconds, but then it flew off to a nearby branch. We looked eye to eye and made a connection. And I think this little bird knew that Jybow and I were of no threat to it at all.


Suzie said...

I love little stories like this! I frequent your blog quite often, I should leave comments, and I'm going to. And, thank you so much for being my sisters friend, doubleknot, especially during this time of loss. I am her younger sis, Suzie. I also live in Florida about 30 miles south of her.

Tammy said...

You brought a huge grin to my face this morning Miz Sandy! I could just see ya'll bouncing back into the hammock...LOL!

Ya'll have a blessed day ♥

Susie said...

What a cute post Sandy! Jybow is quite the hunter isn't he ;)
Our Vincent hunts with about the same amount of enthusiasm! (he'd rather sleep than do most anything!)

Rachel said...

You two are just too relaxed in that hammock!!! Jybow has the right idea. A nap!! I hope you all didn't get any wet presents from above!!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Come see me ;-D

Kerri said...

I must show Jasmine and Maxy this....they could use a few lessons in bird watching. And then I should go buy a hammock :)
That cute little gold finch know you're both friendly critters :)
I'm having a giggle about you both tumbling out of the hammock :)
Hope you and Jimmy have another great day! xoxoxo