Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beauty everywhere except in the shower

Look at those beautiful blue skies beyond those cherry blossoms. Yesterday we had temps in the 80's and you couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day to be outside. I hope everyone had a chance to go out and enjoy the day. Poor Jimmy spent the day running back & forth to the hardware store to pickup plumbing parts for a leaky faucet in our master bathroom that was beyond repair anymore. Of course he rode his motorcycle to & fro and did get to enjoy a little riding time, but he always takes his bike when running errands.
All of the cherry blossoms aren't out and blooming yet and by the looks of the two cherry trees the birds and the little squirrels are going to be very happy this year at harvest time....THEIR harvest time as I won't get to sample any of the cherries, but maybe one or two.
Daughter Sharon stopped by for a visit and if anyone loves sweet cherries as much as I do, it's her. She was suggesting ways in which I could protect the fruit, but I planted the cherries knowing full well that they would be consumed by the critters that love them. One tree is a Bing Cherry and the other a Mortenson or something that sounds like that.
After spending the afternoon with us, Sharon went on home. It's a beautiful ride to her mountain home in the hollow and I'm sure she enjoyed the ride.
Later youngest daughter Suzanne stopped in to show us one of PapaBear's latest walking canes. I meant to post a picture of the beautiful ram cane that he had carved but I just forgot to get it ready. I'll post a picture of it on my sidebar. It's not a walking stick, but a cane. PapaBear just amazes me with all of his talents, but of course I knew he would be talented & smart on the day he was's just a mother's intuition.

Jimmy is still working on the plumbing as I write this post. It wasn't as easy of a repair job as I thought it would be and I guess he knew that and that's why he kept putting it off. A simple leaky faucet in the shower turned out to be a major removal of all plumbing pipes and complete replacement with more up to date and expensive hardware. I hope it works because the only other alternative is a completely new shower enclosure and the one I want will require the removal of an outside wall of the house to install. So please.....everyone say a little prayer that Jimmy is successful today with all those new plumbing parts. And the reason I say this, is because the leak was so small and because of last summer's water restrictions I demanded that it be fixed....And if Jimmy can't fix it then I'll be upset because there will go wasted money for a new shower that we didn't need. Spring is not the time to get upset and I see that I should have let that small, tiny leak go, unless he fixes it today of course.

Jimmy is going to deserve a good reward after all the hard work he has done in the last two days. That's two people on my list to reward this week and I can't think of how to reward them. I'll come up with something.

Enjoy your day and I'll enjoy mine once the water is turned back on.


Tomas Dennis said...

It was 50 degrees here all day and I am happy that Jimmy got to ride his bike and repaired your shower.
Love ya

Tammy said...

How beautiful the cherry blossoms are!
I think cherries are my very favorite fruit!

Sorry I've not been by in a while. I'm feeling back to my old self now, thankfully!

Love ♥ Hugs!!

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sandy,

I love the cherry blossoms and other flowers you've posted.

Hey- I'm betting your Jimmy is able to fix that shower. I think, from what I've read of him here, that he's a lot like my Charlie-and will tackle and master any job that comes his way!


Rachel said...

I hope all got mended okay Sandy. It's no fun having leaks!!

The blossoms are beautiful!

Kerri said...

Those cherry blossoms are glorious, and how nice to have visits from your daughters!
Aren't faucets expensive? Jimmy is a good man to do all that work himself. Some jobs are very easy to put off, and plumbing is one of them. Seems like those jobs inevitably turn into more that we bargained for :)
Our weather has been magnificent too, but it's extrememly dry here.

Kerri said...

Um...I mean extremely ;)