Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This is how it starts

I went outside to see if I could find anything interesting to photograph while Jimmy was busy fixing a broken piece on the lawnmower deck. I found lots of things to take pictures of, but none that interesting to blog about. I have so many pictures of the cats that I am even getting bored of taking their pictures. And the birds are the same birds. I sat still and waited for that woodpecker to come closer, but he stayed at the tip top of the tree. Jimmy helped me move the picnic table closer to the tree this morning and the finches never even noticed and came to eat, but not that woodpecker...he's too smart for an old trick like that.
Maple tree seeds
Some kind of little wild flowers
I went to check on Jimmy to see how he was getting along with his repairs. He had to take the whole deck off of the mower in order to replace a part on it that broke which holds one of the belts on. He has it done now and I hear him outside trying the lawnmower out. It sounds okay to me from here and I hope he has it fixed.

Well anyway, getting back to my story. I went in to check on Jimmy and when I was leaving his workshop I spotted my reflection on the turn signal light of his motorcycle.
My reflection is really hard to see. It's on the right in that turn signal. But since it doesn't take much to amuse myself I started to play and have fun with my reflection.
Here's a closer shot of me in the turn signal although it's not the same reflection as the picture above. Most made me look too fat and of course those all got eliminated from the pictures. hehehe. Can't have me looking any meatier than I am...thinner is okay though...nothing wrong with a thinner reflection.
Look at all the hands. Hands everywhere.

Next Jimmy will want me to get on one of these machines and go for a ride. He's been trying to get me on my bike for two days now and I always get a little apprehensive about getting on it for the first time. I still don't know why....maybe it's respect for that big bike and what might happen if I'm not careful and alert. I know I'm going to have to quit playing with my reflections, and get on it and go for a ride, but I don't think I'm ready today.
I make up excuses like gas prices are to high or it looks like it might rain, but those are getting old. Does anyone have a good excuse that I could use until I build up my nerve? I think I need a haircut first, because my hair will get all tangled up...I haven't used that one this year yet.

I love to ride, don't get me wrong. This only happens before the first time I ride.
Now you know my second fear next to spiders.

Jimmy doesn't even know I feel this way. Good thing he doesn't read my blog.

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Kerri said...

Sandy you crack me up :)
That weed with the pretty blue flower is ground ivy. It's a pest in my gardens, but at least it's easy to pull out.
You sure have lots of gold finches. I like those seed stockings. Apparently they do too :)
Aren't the maple flowers pretty?
I never, ever get bored with your cat and bird pics!