Saturday, May 17, 2008

A few bright spots among the clouds

I took a longer break from blogging than I was planning to. My poor computer had a melt down and was invaded by some nasty evil virus's and some voracious worms that ate up everything. I wasn't able to save anything. The tech guys did save all of My Documents but they are of no use to anyone; you can't open them. The tech guys are still working on trying to find a way to open and save my pictures, but it doesn't look very promising. I was stupid and hadn't saved anything to disc since last December, so the only pictures that I have are those that have appeared on my blog. Thank heaven for my blog, but the majority were lost.

Between thunderstorms there have been some bright spots and sunny skies. My granddaughter Megan took a class in college and learned how to ride a motorcycle. She aced it of course and when you pass the course you pass your driving test and are entitled to your license. Way to go Megan!

Here's a picture of Megan taking her final exam. She didn't want any family around to watch her...she said it would make her nervous. So Jimmy & I hid behind a building, but we were spotted. It's hard to hide my big red trike and Jimmy's noisy pipes are a dead giveaway that we were near. All of her class mates wanted to know who we were and Megan said she didn't know, hehehe.
That's not quite true. Megan told her classmates that we were her grandparents and they thought it was neat that such old people could still ride.

Below are some flowers that are either blooming or starting to bloom in the yard. You know me and flower names, I don't know many, so you'll just have to look at the pretty pictures.

The untrimmed honeysuckle bush
next to the fountain.

These are cherries
and the trees are loaded this year.


Honeysuckle Bush

Spiderwort (above & below)


Sweet Williams

Our Rhodie is just beginning to bloom.

The neighbor's Rhodie.
Isn't it pretty?
Their bush always blooms
before ours.

These flowers are planted down one side
of our house. Most years the Daisies are
mixed in there with these, but I don't
think the Daisies liked all of the rain this year,
as I had very few and they don't even show up
in this picture.

I had a very nice Mother's Day weekend with the kids stopping by. We went out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant this year. I received some special gifts from the children and we had a good & relaxing couple of days celebrating. Among the gifts I received was a beautiful hummingbird feeder, a beautiful beaded hand carved cross necklace, a picture frame with three of my favorite pictures of the kids and a box of chocolates, yum. All in all, I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day.

On a separate note....
Is anyone having as much trouble with ants as we are?


Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
So glad you're back! You really had some nasty computer problems, but I'm glad you had your blog to preserve some of your photos!
Your flowers look just lovely. Bet you're enjoying time outdoors..
No problems with ants here. I must admit I haven't seen even one lately!
They can be such pests!

Tomas Dennis said...

I poured a whole bottle of Terro behind our stove, another behind our frig and another spread around the house last week and they took the bait home.
Love the photos. It is nice to see what the photos will look like before you snap the photo. Those small cameras are true, what you see is what you get cameras.

Tomas Dennis said...

Motherkitty just got home from a two day marathon of work. It took a toll as she is sore this afternoon. At least she will get the right amount of sleep tonight.

Kerri said...

Oh Sandy, how awful to lose so many of your pictures. Yes, thank heavens for you blog!
I'm glad to see you back :)
I'm chuckling about you old people still being able to ride. Being so old you probably chug along about 20 mph and sight see, right? LOL.
I love seeing your flowers blooming. The pink Columbine looks pretty with the daisies. Your yellow is a Wallflower...not Sweet William, which comes in pastels, and pretty reds, but not yellow :)
The pinkish purple tall flowers are Dame's Rocket (Hesperis)..a wildflower. It has a lovely scent, right? We have it growing here too...spread by the birds. I love it, don't you?
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day...all that love you give comes back to you :)
No ants here yet...but I'm sure they'll come! It feels like winter today. Brrr.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ I loved the flowers! ~ jb///

Alice said...

You flowers photos are gorgeous; so fresh and colourful.

Sorry you had such a disaster with the computer. You've really given me a scare about photos. I haven't backed up mine for a long time - it's one of those things I'm always GOING TO DO. Perhaps I'd better just DO IT!!!

Rachel said...

Sandy, I love all your pretty flowers!! They are so colorful!!

Of course Megan would be a whiz at riding a motorcycle!! It runs in the family!! :)

I hope you can recapture your pictures. I need to do that backup stuff.....but I don't. I guess I better before this happens to me.

Ants? Well yes, I run around with a spray bottle in my hands quite often circling the house for the pesky things. My neighbor was just complaining about them tonight too. He said he was going to move if the ants didn't leave him alone!!

... Paige said...

glad you are well, was beginning to wonder. that is horrible about the loss of pictures. We have not had so many ants, but then you are getting more rain then us.