Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy little workers

Making sure these plants stay healthy these ants are clearing away unwanted pests from a succulent that is growing near the water garden pool.

As we got close to the holly hocks we could hear the welcome buzz of an old friend who is starting to make his come back into our yard. The flowers were all a-buzz with these busy little workers covered in pollun.
Unfortunately for Daisy, our cat, she was stung by a honey bee as she walked in the grass. We're not used to having to watch where we walk, but it seems that this is changing...and it's for the best.
I haven't mowed the grass this week and it's covered with clover flowers which are in turn covered with bees. It's a hard choice to make....Mow or watch the bees at work.
I think I'll wait until Friday to mow.


PEA said...

Awww poor Daisy cat, hope she wasn't too bothered by that bee sting! Just the other day I was weeding my faerie garden and the dog next door suddenly jumped and yelped...she had walked onto a bee and it had stung her under her paw. Love your pictures, gorgeous closeups!! xoxo

jellyhead said...

Yes, watch the bees instead .... it sounds like summer is going great guns over in your neck of the woods!

Kerri said...

I'm seeing quite a few honey bees here too and reading about others seeing them. That's good!
That hollyhock is the most gorgeous color!
Wish I'd been there for the cherry feast. Little Makayla looks like she was having a ball :)