Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorry Andi...

But the cherry tree is bare as of this afternoon.

Little Makayla was a big help

Makayla helped her daddy pick cherries, but her favorite job was carrying the buckets around.

They almost came to late and the cherries were disappearing fast, but I think they'll have enough for a nice large cherry cobbler or two pies.

Brandon was also a big help and reached up high where his mom couldn't quite reach. It was a family affair with everyone helping. A few cherries were left way up high for the birds and the squirrels to eat.

We'll see what happens next year with no cicadas to keep the birds busy and well fed. I'm hoping I'll have another bumper crop of cherries, but we'll just have to wait and see.

And Andi....You don't have to ask about picking cherries, just come on over next year sometime around Father's Day. I hope to have plenty to share with you and the rest of the family.


... Paige said...

yummmmmm cherries. When I was a kid we would get a treat when visiting family in Indiana. Pickled cherries. I sure would like some the recipe would be awesome.

Rachel said...

Those cherries are so pretty!! I'm glad that someone got some for pies!

Oh that poor cat up in the tree!! I'm glad it has a safe place to lay but that sure doesn't look so comfy to me!! I'm sure he's used to worse though. I hope he is okay.

Glad you got out and rode some on the bikes! No, I cannot see you in the reflection on the bike! Haha!!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Lucky you to have cherries. They're still very very pricey here.
Looks like everyone had fun in the picking process!

TUFFENUF said...

Thanks for the photos, beautiful, now I have to go buy some cherries!!!

doubleknot said...

Oh cherries - they look so good. I think I have had my fill of them this year.

That old tom must sense that he is in a safe place with kind people to stop by and rest a while with you.