Thursday, June 19, 2008

I just need a bite to eat and a place to sleep

He's been here before, but it has been a long time since we have seen this roving tomcat. Jimmy, Jybow & Hopalong were sitting on a bench under the Ash tree last Monday when they spotted him perched high above sleeping restfully on a tree branch. We don't know how long he has been here. He passed through here once before and spent his time sleeping under, or in, one of our out-buildings and then he left after a couple of days.
He's old and worn out and partially blind and hard of he sleeps peacefully in what he considers to be a safe place, up high and out of anyone's way. He's so still that the birds don't even pay any attention to him, nor does he to them. I can tell that he used to be a beautiful cat at one time.

When Jimmy first called to me to come out and see him, I thought that he must have crawled up there and died....he was so still. I talked to him and he didn't move, but after I walked around below him for a while taking pictures I saw movement, slight breathing so then I talked to him much louder and he opened one eye and tried to focus in on me, but I could tell that he would rather sleep than pay any attention to I left him alone thinking that perhaps he was hurt or wounded from battles with other more stronger younger toms.
He looked fat wedged in those tree branches, but he's only a ball of fluff. He's found himself a large branch that is surrounded by a cage of other smaller branches on both sides....he can't fall out of the tree as long as he is here...the branches won't allow it.
He's still there this morning, sleeping soundly. We've watched him all week and he comes down only to do his business and to eat and drink water...then right back up to the exact same spot he climbs. He knows exactly where the outside cat feeders are kept. He's much thinner than he was on his last visit here, so we leave him alone so he can rest, gain some strength and head for home. Some family must be wondering where there "Fluffy" is today.


PEA said...

That's when you wish he could talk and let you know his life story!! Truly does make you wonder where he's from and what's brought him to this point. I'm still feeding the stray kitty that's been hanging around since last winter but still can't get too close to him although he will come up on the deck to eat even if I'm sitting there:-)

I so wish I lived near you, I'd be over for some of those cherries! lol I'm not too crazy about eating fresh cherries but I love them in pies and other desserts.

Hope you're doing well and enjoying wonderful weather:-) xoxo

Tomas Dennis said...

Those are great photos of a Good Ole Tom Cat. I am glad he found a way to sleep in comfort and made his peace with those pestering Blue Jays.

Kerri said...

Poor old fellow. He's lucky though to have found you two kind souls to offer him a little food and comfort.
It's sad that all the kittys can't have safe, comfortable homes like the well cared for ones, isn't it? At least this old boy doesn't seem to want to cause any trouble, and that's a blessing.
I'm sure he appreciates your kindness :)