Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cherries coming out my ears

We have cherries coming out our ears....well mine, because Jimmy doesn't like cherries. I have eaten about all the cherries I can stand for a while and I'm begging the kids to come over and pick some before the birds finish them off. The birds are working the tree from the top down and there are so many cherries still left up there that they will be busy for a couple more days.
One good thing that has kept the cherries here for so long is that they didn't all ripen at once and another thing were that the birds were busy eating their fill of cicadas, but now they are diminishing in numbers....or at least I didn't run into any today on our ride.
See all of these cherries? I just came in from eating cherries straight off the tree and taking these pictures. I still can't believe it....My own cherry trees loaded with cherries. It's like a dream...gone sour. There are tooooo many for me! So please, someone come help me eat these things. I hear you can make pies with them, but can you imagine the work it takes to get all those seeds out of each cherry? I guess I'm just lazy.
Look at the Holly Hocks below. Can you believe that our cats planted these for us? The cats love to work up the soil and I think it was Jybow who planted these lovely flowers, but I did see another cat in this flower bed too. These are Jimmy's favorites because of their deep dark color and of course he's partial because Jybow is his cat, hehehe. The cats carry our flower seeds from bed to bed stuck in their paws so when they dig they naturally plant the seeds. They do it so effortlessly. I think from now on I'll just buy packs of flower seeds and dip each of the cats paws in each seed pack and let them do the work. Sounds good to me and they even add organic fertilizer.
Jimmy is finally feeling better and back to eating well again. He's lost some weight and I think I found it. hehehe. Today was beautiful and 78ยบ without much humidity....a perfect day for riding and that's just what we did. We road around 138 miles of country roads and ended up back at our local Italian restaurant.Here we are parked right in front of the restaurant. I took the picture of our bikes from inside while sitting at our table waiting for our food.
While I was busy snapping the picture Jimmy said, "Look...you can see the reflection of the restaurant right there on both bikes." Can you see it? I'll zoom in a little closer.....
Can you see it now? We're in there sitting by the first set of windows to the left of the door. The dark blob in the 3rd window pane on the bottom is me with my camera pressed almost against the glass.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and Happy Father's Day. The kids got together and we all had a cookout at Peanut & Laura's house on Sunday. Most of the grandchildren were also there plus three great grandchildren. The food was great and we all ate too much as usual. Since Jimmy had been sick all week and didn't have an appetite, he was especially hungry on Father's Day and did his share of pigging out with the rest of us.
The food was delicious & plentiful, the company was great, Jimmy was feeling better, so what more could we ask for? We are truly blessed with such a loving family, and hope you were surrounded by those that you love too.


Tomas Dennis said...

Cats, Cherries, Motorcycles,Pizza, Feeling good and Father Day. It can't be any better than that.
Take care
Love ya

jellyhead said...

I'm really glad Jimmy is all better.

And those cherries! YUM!!!

Alipurr said...

you can send some cherries over here...little one has been asking for some :)
and i looked at the store yesterday and they were almost $5/pound. Yikes

doubleknot said...

Oh those cherries look so good. Wonder if you can can cherries to have some later on when they are gone. So glad Jimmy is feeling better. Neat picture of the resturant in the reflection.

Andrea said...

Sandy, I'm sorry I didn't realize Jimmy had been sick. Glad to hear he is doing better. I'd be glad to take those cherries off your hands, yummy! Take care and come see us! Love ya.

Kerri said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jimmy is feeling better. He is such a trooper, insisting on going to Brandon's Boy Scout dinner in spite of the heat and feeling ill.
Sandy, those cherries are making my mouth water. I'm the opposite to Pea..I love them fresh but am not crazy about them in desserts..but I won't say no if offered :)
They're so expensive in the store this year!
I think now would be a good time for you to visit upstate NY. You could come bearing cherries :)
Your Father's Day celebration with the family sounded wonderful. Glad you had such a good time.
Those hollyhocks are a fantastic color!