Friday, June 13, 2008

Living among the colors (in my yard)


Rachel said...

Well COLOR is right Sandy!! Your flowers are so beautiful, each and every one!! The pond is lovely and I see the cats enjoy it as well.

Cheyenne said...

Beautiful flowers! What a happy post. Thank you.

JunieRose2005 said...


Your flowers are very pretty- You have a lot of different things blooming now!

Your pond is very pretty .

Ours is in need of attention as the fern has gotten out of hand growing around it!

Glad your kitty got to feeling better!


jellyhead said...

Your garden is a burst of colour! You must love gazing around your yard on a warm summers day.

Susie said...

What a treat to see the pretty colors in your garden! Isn't it wonderful to see nature just showing one of her prettiest sides!

Kerri said...

I loved seeing your colorful blooms, Sandy! The waterlilies are looking especially beautiful.
I have spiderwort which smuggled its way into my garden with a lily we bought a couple of years ago. I always think of you when I see it blooming :)
I need to dig both up and separate them because it kept the lily from blooming last year. I started to do it back in April, but couldn't find it and thought it had died out. Turns out the foliage looks just like the it's still alive and well.
I'm so glad Jybow is back to her old self. That must've been a worry. Poor girl! It's too bad the flea treatment costs so much, but yes, we use the expensive one from the vet too. It's a must!