Monday, June 09, 2008

Jybow is better & brother gets award...from me

I'm happy to report that Jybow, our kitty is feeling so much better this morning. She woke me up at 4:30 AM and wanted to go outside. That was the first good sign and by 8 AM she was let back into the house where she proceeded to bounce around and play with her toy mouse tossing it about. Then she went and did her usual thing which always gets a quick response from us....she raised both front paws and began to sharpen her claws on the furniture. Jimmy & I both shouted at her in unison, and she did her usual thing and turned around and looked at us and moved to a different location and did the same thing. It's a game with her to see how many times she can get our attention, and it all ends with her skirting around the bottoms of the couch, love seat and recliner pulling herself around while on her back with her front claws. Once that's done she jumps up and finds herself a nice place to take a little morning nap.

This week we are in charge of caring for my son's pets. They're off to boy scout camp for the entire week returning on Father's Day. Jimmy & I will make a daily pilgrimage out to feed & water the animals and care for their toasty tomatoes. The reason I say toasty is because the temps have been topping at nearly 100ºf nearly each day and everything is getting toasty around here. We'll water their garden if needed and I'm guessing it will need it before they come home unless we have a thunder shower or two.

When they return, the whole family will be gathering for a Father's Day cookout and that should be great fun. Matthew unfortunately has to teach a class in Lexington on Father's Day to a group of firemen and he will not be joining us at Peanut & Laura's house next Sunday.


I've had this award for a couple of weeks now deciding who to give it to. It was passed on to me by Rachel of Sliding Through Life and I thank her very much for thinking of me and honoring me with this award. When I read the words on this award, I immediately thought of the one blog who possesses all of these things. It's my oldest brother's blog...Tomas (Dennis to me). We argue and discuss the many differing sides of an issue in the comment section of 'one' of his many blogs and he never gets mad at me. He leads me to articles that are modern & informative and sometimes unique. I have learned so much by reading his blog and have gotten much more into the political workings of our nation because of him. He taught me how to use & search the internet by providing me with links to many places. And I always remember his smile and the humorous side of him which sometimes makes me feel bad when I have a different opinion of something he has written on his blog, and I state so in the comment section of his post. My brother has many blogs/websites, with many true & funny stories about his life experiences and growing up and he is truly deserving of this award, and this is why I am passing it on to just him.

Dennis, I have put much thought into the passing of this award and I think you have earned this award in my book and deserve to post it proudly.
I love you,

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Rachel said...

I sure hate that poor little Jybow reacted badly to the cheaper flea stuff. That stuff is so darn expensive but a necessary thing for our pets I reckon. I got my last bunch off e-bay and got it much cheaper than I get it from the vets!

I'm glad that Jybow can once again drag himself along with his front claws and dust the floor as he slides along!! You know he is really just doing that trying to help out!! :)