Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our baby is sick

We tried a new and cheaper flea treatment on Jybow three days ago and her body doesn't like it. Apparently she's hypersensitive to the medication. We applied the medication between her shoulder blades three days ago and she acted like she always does and laid around for the first few hours, but by nightfall we knew something was wrong with her.
Yesterday she continued to just lay around so Jimmy tried washing the spot on her back with water and that didn't get it out. Later I mixed a diluted amount of Dawn dish washing liquid with plenty of water and washed her back with this mixture and then I rinsed her off twice with clear water until her fur looked normal again. I knew she was very sick because she just laid there and let me wash her off without a fight.
Today Jybow is feeling a little better although she still slept for most of the day. She did manage to get up and go out and feed the squirrels with Jimmy, but came right back into the house where she has remained for most of the day. If she doesn't feel any better tomorrow I'm taking her to the Vet.

We also applied this same monthly flea treatment on Daisy and she is doing fine, but we're hesitant on using it on HopAlong because of her many problems. I guess we'll be going back to the expensive stuff as it has no side effects and only upsets Jybow for about 3 or 4 hours...And I think it's only because she can't stand the smell and she tries to out-run it.

In answer to Junie Rose about the ducklings.....
Although I couldn't find the ducklings after the fire, that doesn't mean that they didn't move to a nearby pond...or at least I hope that's what they did.


jellyhead said...

Oh no, it's so stressful having a sick pet, isn't it? You wish they could talk, and explain what's wrong.

I hope Jybow is fweeling perky again very soon.

jellyhead said...

I wasn't talking cat-talk or anything .... I meant 'feeling' perky again!

Cliff said...

The picture of your cat makes me wonder if my wife is putting that stuff on my back.
I hope all is back to normal now.

Alipurr said...

ok, that is so weird, cause it seems like my dad said somethinf happened to their cats recently after a flea treatment

hope Jybow feels better soon