Saturday, June 07, 2008

Enjoying this nice weather

The cherry trees are loaded this year,

Look at all those cherries.

HopAlong is waiting for the cherry trees
daily visitor...
the little squirrel.

As HopAlong & Daisy wait under this tree
the squirrel is enjoying cherries in the other tree.

These are Bing Cherries, and this is the first year
that this tree has had any fruit to speak of.
We watched the squirrels climbing this tree daily
and didn't pay much attention because as I said before,
this tree had never had any cherries on it.
What a surprise to find it loaded with ripe cherries!

I just had a thought....
Maybe its had cherries all along and that darned little
squirrel has been eating them

Daisy patiently waiting for that little frog to pop out of the water.

I finally broke down and bought that little bendable tripod.
It bends any way you want to bend it.
I bend it around tree branches, set the timer on the camera
and run to get in position. One of these days I'll have enough
nerve to mount it on my handle bars, but as of yet,
I'm not ready to lose my camera in the road. hehehe

Aunt Sharon with Brandon.

We took a day and went shopping with Brandon.
He had managed to save up a whole lot of money
for a guitar with video game and we took him to the BIG CITY
to buy it. We had lots of fun together.

Megan & Zac

This was taken by Megs iPhone while waiting for
our food to arrive. We were all out riding our motorcycles
together on a beautiful day celebrating Sharon's birthday,
although it really wasn't Sharon's birthday.
(She's been celebrating all month)

These next two pictures are Jimmy & I
on two different days. We've been doing some riding,
but not as much as I would like to do with the rising
gas prices and also the extremely hot weather.

Here's the menu.
I had the Road Kill
( I really had a salad & a baked sweet potato)

Here we are stopping at the court house to see if Megan can get her
motorcycle license yet. She has to wait one more week and then her
six months permit time will be up....
so no license today. It's just a formality because she's already passed
her written & driving test.

Meg, Sharon & I
still celebrating Sharon's birthday.
When will it ever end? I guess on July 1st but then
it will be time to start celebrating
the Fourth of July.


Granny said...

Great pics and I envy you the motorcycle. It's been so many years since I've ridden.

Weather nice here too - not as warm as had been forecast. We could use some rain - farmers are fretting.


Rachel said...

Is that a Texas Roadhouse you are at in the last picture?

The cherries are so pretty!! I'm surprised the birds aren't eating them like crazy!!

It has been really hot hasn't it? Gosh....I'm sure when you're riding it's cool but when you have to stop the sweating starts!! and Jimmy are so cute!!!

Rachel said...

Oh Sandy, have you seen the "backwards trikes" with the 2 wheels in front?? Pretty cool!!!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
I enjoyed catching up with your news. You could make a fortune with those cherries as they're so expensive this year! I wouldn't be surprised if the squirrels have been having their own feast. They eat fruit and veggies here almost as fast as it sets on!

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sandy,

I enjoyed all your pictures and news.

Happy you and Jimmy have been able to get some riding in. We haven't been riding in awhile. It's been sooo hot...and the month of May (& Sept.) we have those awful LOVE BUGS to deal with!

Too bad about the cherries getting eaten by the squirrels! :(

...But at least they are fun to watch! :)


Kerri said...

Oooh, you lucky ducks to have a bing cherry tree! They look delicious! I hope the squirrels leave you some.
Kathy's beau gave me one of those little tripods for Christmas. They're cute, aren't they?
Glad you've been getting some riding in...and family fun too :)
Love those family photos, especially the ones of you and Jimmy :)
Wow, your waterlilies are gorgeous! And so are the kitties :)

Alipurr said...

my Little One would love your cherries!!! she kept trying the ones on my cherry tree every day and then spitting them out...i guess my little tree only has ornamental berries, for the birds, i guess

i say, let's do birthday stuff all month....that's all we have been doing around here too :)

i am still eating my birthday cheesecake and chocolate that my mom and dad got me :)