Thursday, July 17, 2008

The flower that blooms at night

The moon plant has once again come up and in exactly the same spot. After writing about it in a past blog post I was told that it was a poisonous plant & flower....But so are store bought tomatoes & beef at the moment. It's a large flower and in this first picture the bud has broken open and the flower is pushing its way outward and upward, getting itself ready to bloom as soon as darkness comes. See how big it is compared to Jybow our cat.
Here we're looking at it from the top down just because I like the way it looks. Isn't it pretty?

You can almost sit and watch it begin to open up as darkness approaches. Jimmy & I both watched it un-roll itself slowly as it began to get dark.

It's finally dark and the flowers are blooming. The scent in the air is sweet as they give off a strong wonderful scent. You don't even have to see that it's blooming to know that the moon flowers are blooming. Just smell the air. Take notice of the cat tail in the lower center of the picture above.

See how big the blooms are?
I was wondering why the gray cat, Little Mama, was hanging around the flowers and soon found out. The fragrance of the flowers attracted a beautiful large moth, which the cat quickly jumped up and caught, even before I could get a picture of it. I took a picture of the dead moth after I took it out of the cats mouth, but it didn't look so pretty then, so I gave it back to the cat.


Sorry for the delay in posting to my blog, but I've been busy and also been riding some as a passenger behind Jimmy. Just doing my part to cut down on gasoline usage...the truth is that we can't afford gas for both bikes.
Tomorrow I may take my own bike out because I decided today to ride my own bike across to the other side of the state to visit family. I may change my mind about that, but I thought it best since I have to carry my CPAP machine and all that goes with it. I have sleep apnea and need all the air I can get into my lungs at night to feel better during the day. If I take my own bike I'll also have room for more clothes and all my chargers, medicine, toiletries & of course my hairdryer just in case I need one. I'm sure I've forgotten to mention something and for a person who doesn't like lists, I have to make one now or I'll forget to take something very important with Jimmy.

On my bike, I make the final decisions of what to carry with me and if I ride as a passenger on Jimmy's bike, he usually says nicely, "Do you really need to take all that stuff with you?" or, "I don't think we'll have room for all those things, honey."

I used to be able to travel light, but now that I'm older I need more stuff.

The sun-screen....I knew I forgot something important.

Those were reasons #1 & 2 .....
The most important reason that I haven't posted is that after talking with my sil across the state my internet went out and its been on and off for several days now. I hope it's still on when I hit PUBLISH POST. Cross you goes nothing.


Motherkitty said...

Beautiful flowers!!!

Can't wait to see several bikes parked in the yard at the side of the house. Speaking of lists, I have been making lots of mental lists of all the stuff I need to do before company comes acalling.

I awoke at my usual 2:30 a.m. even though I don't have to go to work today. Went out on the deck to spy at the beautiful full moon and discovered the pool temp was still 90 degrees. So, by the light of the golden full moon, Motherkitty decided to take a swim. While doing laps, I spied three kitties sitting at the slider watching me swim back and forth. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Hope the neighbors didn't hear me. It was quite refreshing. Husband, of course, thought I had lost a few marbles when I told him. Oh well.

Tomas Dennis said...

0700 am - Motherkitty is asleep in her chair as I write. She woke me up at 0400 am and said she was out swimming. The day before yesterday she broke a sandal in the wet grass and twisted her knees while helping me remove the pool cover. She is using the pool as therapy three times a day.
She also took a photo of the full moon.
At 2230 last night I was working on setting up my surround sound on our TV, radio and DVD components. Out TV looks like something out of Star Trek.
I had some hot chocolate yesterday and my head this morning is aching.
I love those photos of those flowers.

Andrea said...

Oh Sandy, your moon flowers are so pretty! I have several here too, and I also have a small, yellow flower that looks similiar and only blooms at night. Some call it a Miracle Plant, some an evening primrose. I've heard the moon flowers called Angel Trumpets as well. Talk to you soon!

Kerri said...

Wow, that flower is big! I could enjoy sitting out in the dark with you and Jimmy, watching that flower unfold :) It sure is pretty. A friend gave me a couple of plants with a pale purple flower. Mine are smaller, but in the same family, and are a Datura, like yours. They're also called Brugmansia and are in the Nightshade family (yes, poisonous)...along with potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and petunias. Funny how we can eat those veggies. It's an interesting family I learned about it just recently when reading about Susan Wittig Albert's latest book, 'Nightshade'.
Gorgeous morning here, but it's going to get really hot. I'd better go garden!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

That flower is beautiful Sandy! Very large too!!

It's hot this weekend so if you took your trip I know riding will feel cool and then when you have to stop the sweating will start! Hope you didn't forget anything!! :)

JunieRose2005 said...


That flower is really something! I want one!!!

I once had a night blooming flower with white blooms... looks the same, but I'm not sure! I need to find out about this one and try to get me one!!

Enjoy your riding!! We haven't been out in a long while!


Alipurr said...

we are really looking forward to seeing you soon. We will all have to thank DancerGirl because the pool party was her idea and it was what she wanted for her birthday. She asked if her cousin the firefighter would be coming, and i had to tell her i didn't know:)

wow, i guess i need to call my mom and dad. Seems like i talk to them every day but i need to check and see how mom's knees are

my hubby's brother got me one of those moon plants and i accidentally killed it...he's working on forgiving me :)