Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lower gas prices....YIPEE!

Today we went riding again, on only one bike, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a drop in gas prices once again.

Our gas prices have been dropping steadily since President Bush gave the okay to off shore drilling the other day. Our gas prices have dropped .22 cents per gallon, going down from $4.15 per gallon here to $3.93 per gallon. Although Congress hasn’t done anything about this, or maybe I should say ‘approved it,’ I’m still glad that our gas prices have dropped a little, because every cent saved helps. I heard some guy on TV say that what good is saving three cents per gallon anyway and I have to disagree with him because it means a lot to those of us who rely on gas everyday and who aren’t millionaires. I’m with the crowd who thinks that the President should allow drilling anywhere we can find oil and I also believe that we should be working on alternative energy sources too. I’m for being energy independent and the sooner the better….

Of course I have my own selfish reasons for wanting lower gas prices and that’s so I can get back to riding my own motorcycle without worrying about how much it will cost me for a leisurely drive just to admire our beautiful countryside.

Isn't this beautiful?

This is what farmers are doing here right now, cutting their hay. I love the smell of fresh cut hay in the field and you can smell it so much better on a motorcycle....well maybe the smell is best from the tractor, but I prefer my bike. There are fields of square bales and big round bales like the ones in the picture. Farmers love to save money too I suppose, but I haven't noticed if the price of their diesel fuel has come down in price too. I did hear that farmers are getting their fuel stolen by fuel thieves, and that's one very good reason that fuel needs to drop down in it won't be so valuable to thieves.

It just seems so reasonable to believe that if we start drilling here NOW wherever there is oil to be found and if we start building whatever is necessary to become energy independent then OPEC will naturally lower their oil prices to keep us energy dependent on them. Why not continue to be dependent on OPEC while we are building nuclear power plants, wind mills, refineries, solar power and anything else we can harness from within our borders and create a deadline of 8 years, so we can celebrate our Energy Independence on July 4, 2016. We went to the moon in 8 years, we can surely become energy independent in 8 years.....
or better yet in 5 years (we're supposed to be smarter now).


reunionpi said...

The details of the personal automobiles of the five oil executives that testified
before Congress with full registrations

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm glad they have nice cars...but I prefer motorcycles myself. I've never been impressed by a car unless it's a jeep.

Tomas Dennis said...

we have a painful reminder here in Paducah as to what nuclear power can do to humans, soil, spring/well water and a river. All the rest are OK with me if done properly. Anyway you spell nuclear it is disaster.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Our gas prices have now dropped to $4.15, but believe me that's a nice drop. I also would like to be able take some trips without worrying about breaking the bank for fuel costs. Not sure that's going to happen anytime soon.