Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lilys and mind control

How wonderful it is to wake up on a sunny Sunday morning to find these beauties still in bloom. It was over 90 degrees today and we have about seen the last of these flowers. They're making way for the Giant Hibiscus who are just beginning to open their lovely large buds. I hope I'll have some pictures to show you of them at a later date, but at the moment the Japanese Beetles are having their way with them and they are opening up and looking a bit ragged.
I don't want to put any poisons on them because I don't want to harm the bees who have finally made a nice come back into our yard. The Hibiscus are 'a buzz' with beetles & many varieties of bees right now..
I love this red colored day lily and if you're not careful you'll get a red stain on your hands while removing the dead flowers. I have them planted in two separate areas and the ones close to the house tend to leave their mark on our house. The rains wash the stain from the house, so it's not permanent.

These Tigerlilys are my favorites. I love their spots and the way they curl up.

These are the blooms on one of my Hostas. I have several varieties of Hostas in my shade garden, but unlike last year, only one type of Hosta bloomed this year. They really aren't known for their flowers, but last year all of them had very impressive flowers. I thought these were pretty.

We went on a little ride today but it was much too hot to be in the sun for very long. Jimmy's nephew from Florida bought a piece of property w.a.y. out in the boon docks and he had given us the general direction of where it was, so we went in search of it and found Ed's least we think we found it. It was our third attempt at finding it, but if we didn't find the right place we did at least find the right road.

I was VERY happy to see some cloud cover because I thought I was going to melt out there in that hot sun. I was so hot that I finally decided to make the best of it and think of something pleasant, so I pretended that it was very cold, I mean really cold, and that I was lucky to have a warm fire going to keep me warm on this very, very cold day. I kept telling myself how cold it was away from this nice warm stove...and I shivered. Can you believe that? I shivered. My body is so gullible. I've been reading a book by Dr. Caroline Leaf called, "Who switched off my brain." The book is very interesting and explains in lay terms how your thinking affects your health, so I thought why not put this little brain of mine to the test and see if we can't just change this heat into something good & tolerable. I must say, that after I shivered I was pretty proud of myself.

It doesn't take much to amuse me, but I guess you already knew that.


Tomas Dennis said...

Beautiful flowers on a cool day are always welcome.

Motherkitty said...

Shivering may be the first sign of heat stroke!!!

LZ Blogger said...

Very pretty daylillies Sandy! ~ jb///