Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Born on July 7, 2008 little Julianna is Sarah & Aaron's first child and our 4th great-grandchild and 3rd great-granddaughter. Julianna is such a precious little miracle weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 ounces and she's 17 inches long.

Here are pictures of her only hours old and what a little sweetie she is...we couldn't keep our hands off her.

She makes little sighing noises as she sleeps and I think it's because she's really happy to be out here, where she can finally meet everyone who loves her. The doctors were concerned at first about the constant sighing, but after being checked out they said she was fine. Julianna was also born about 2 weeks early by c-section because she was in a breached position. I don't think she liked being upside down. hehehe.

Here I am holding this sweet little sighing bundle of joy, and below is her great-grandfather (Papaw Jimmy) and Sandie kneeling next to her dad, while admiring her new granddaughter.

Isn't she sweet?


Susie said...

Welcome to beautiful little Julianna!
You all look so very happy to meet her!

Tomas Dennis said...

She is beautiful.
Congratulation to the new ma and pa.

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh Sandy!!

She's just precious- well and very beautiful too!! :) Congrats to all of you! I know she will be well loved!


Andrea said...

How sweet! Makes me want another, for just a minute! :-) Congrats to all. Enjoy this sweet, sweet time. Love, Andi

Kerri said...

She's adorable, to say the very least! Precious and beautiful. Congratulations to all!! I love all the photos, but especially the ones of you two looking so lovingly at the little bundle of joy :)