Thursday, July 10, 2008

There's some THING in the water ???

While reaching into the water to cut off old dead blooms from the waterlilies, Jimmy has had his finger nipped and bumped by some mysterious thing under the water. Can you believe it? We have our own Creature from the Black Lagoon....that was one of my favorite childhood movies.

We've searched and searched, but we can't see anything. We did discover however that this mysterious creature has eaten up the multitude of rather large water snails that were in the pool and I suppose all fish and our sweet tenant frog is gone too. We were wondering why we hadn't seen our little green friend in a week or so.

I'm not daring enough to stick my finger in the water, but our daughter Suzanne has suggested that we dangle a piece of hotdog on a string and see what happens. It's not a snake because a snake isn't daring enough to nudge at your finger when you stick it in the water. Do you suppose it might be a wandering, traveling turtle that has found its way to our watergarden? You would think that we would see it.

Besides trying to nip at your finger, the new tenant is eating up our water plants, taking bites out of waterlily buds even before they have a chance to bloom and also eating up the nice green lily pads. We're all a little frightened of what might be lurking below the surface of the water and we've also noticed that the cats are very cautious when drinking water out of the pool...they lap & lick, but very slowly as they watch the water closely. Do you suppose that maybe they have had their little cat tongues nipped at too?

We're keeping a close eye on our water garden and if this THING eats up all of our water plants then we will be forced to drain the pool, clean it out and start over. It will be a shame because we finally have just the right balance of everything to support life without having to feed it ourselves.

Why couldn't we just have some lovely long legged exotic bird stop in for a visit?

Maybe this THING will leave just as mysteriously as it came....we can only hope.


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!! I hope it's not a creature from the deep! The hotdog on a string sounds like a good idea to me. Or you could just trying fishing for it!

Congratulations on Julianna!! What a cutie!!

jellyhead said...

What an intriguing and slightly scary-sounding creature!! Yikes!

And congratulations on the newest arrival in your family. She is a beauty.

Tomas Dennis said...

We had a fish from PetsMart that ate all our other fish (Pacu) and grew to about 8 inches before we decide to let him go back to the sea. He had sharp teeth. (About Pacu)

Tomas Dennis said...

About Pacu

PEA said...

I guess it's not a piranha because Jimmy wouldn't have a finger left! lol It would be driving me nuts wondering what is in there! Your pond sure is looking beautiful though!!

Congratulations on the birth of Julianna...what a precious little baby to join your family:-) Love the pictures, especially the one of Jimmy holding her. To me there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a grown man holding a baby:-) xoxo

Jim said...

Hi AIP, thank you for your visits and nice comments on my LITTLE PHOTO BLOG. My guess it is one of the Lockness Monster's babies. You knew about that? They are scattered all over the world now by wannabe Johnny Appleseeds.

If you have been reading Rachel's posts about Blogstock '08, I was there also.

I have a post I put on from the motel late that evening on my regular blog,
We just got back from our detour through Colorado this afternoon and I'm making the rounds a little.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ WOW! I think that at least that "thing" has a tranquil place to live... Good lock to Jimmy's fingers though! I'm having memories of the '82 movie "The Swamp Thing"! If you guys see Adrienne Barbeau hanging around... it's time to GET OUT! ~ jb///

Peter said...

Get a baby Croc and put it in the pool unless your monster is really tough he'll leave... ummm about that Croc in your pool???

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I've always been intrigued by the Lockness Monster and I'd love it if was a baby Nessie.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon was one of my childhood favorites and so was the Swamp Thing. Those kinds of movies scared me and I guess I liked being scared. The only movies that I won't watch anymore are those devil movies that show glowing eyes looking through a window at night. I have to close every blind and shade in the house and then jump into bed so that nothing grabs my legs from under the bed. They REALLY scare me. If Jimmy sees me jumping into bed like that he'll wait about half hour until I'm nice and settled in the bed and then he will crawl on the floor and into the bedroom, then he will slide his hand under the covers near my ankles very carefully and quickly grab them. Of course I come out of that bed screaming only to find Jimmy down on the floor laughing his head off.
Isn't he mean? I tell him that one of these days he's going to give me a heart attack. And it's for this reason that I hope the little bugger in that pool bites him....just enough to scare him a little, not to hurt him or anything. Just a little payback because he says I'm so gullible to always fall for his little tricks.

Susie said...

I'm really wondering what is lurking beneath those beautiful water lilies!
Sounds like some kind of creature that has a huge appetite.
Hope you can get a picture!

Kerri said...

Yikes! That sounds rather scary. I hope it's just a turtle. Too bad about your water lilies, the fish and the little frog.
I wonder how long it would take to get it to take the hotdog (if ever). You might be sitting there dangling it for a good long time :) I'll look forward to an update.