Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Perhaps the paint was FREE

Do you ever wonder who chooses the colors? Is it their three year old perhaps?

I took these pictures while a passenger on Jimmy's bike, moving at a high rate of speed, so forgive me if I didn't take better pictures, but I didn't want the people to notice that I was photographing their homes & business'....
or their three car garage, as in this yellow & blue beauty.

And how about this pink gas station. Yes, it's a gas station....don't you see the gas pump?

I'm not making fun. I'm just always curious when I run across these oddly painted buildings, about how they choose the colors for the paint. I always think to myself that someone must have had some paint left over and gave it to these people. Haven't you ever run across a barn that was oddly painted?

Now this picture takes the cake. I counted 5 satellite dishes in their garden. The house was a very modest wooden framed house, but I'm sure that they are just making extra money renting out their garden plot right next to their house. The dishes were very large and all looked in good working order. Maybe they're listening for alien noises from outer space? Or they're making sure they have a cell phone signal at home. "Can you hear me now?"
Or perhaps they want to make sure they can pickup every conceivable satellite TV station possible.

Just thought I'd share some of the local color in our area.

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PEA said...

Lol like you, I often wonder if there was a paint sale in certain colours when I see what colour some people paint their homes, garages, etc. As for all those satellite dishes, can't say I've ever seen such a sight before! lol Hmmmm...they're in the garden...think they've learned the secret of how to grow satellite dishes???? hehe xoxo