Friday, October 24, 2008

Princess Pinky

This sweet little kitty is lost or she was dropped off maybe, because she might be pregnant. Is that what you call it when a cat is going to have kittens? She's not in foal...that's a term for horses I believe. Anyway, she's really a very sweet kitten, about 5-6 months old and she apparently has been someone's house cat. She knows all about being inside and what the litter box is used for.
I'm calling her Princess Pinky because of her beautiful white coat and her pink little nose. And in the picture below you can see her beautiful black tail. She's really a very pretty cat.

Princess Pinky is such a lovable cat and wants to be all over you and requires, or maybe I should say demands lots of attention and petting. She wants to sit on my shoulders and nuzzle my neck and purr loudly in my ear. She's one of those cats that wants to touch her nose to yours and be as close as possible. I think if we were to allow her to stay inside that she would also end up sleeping in my bed beside either Hopalong or Daisy. They don't sleep in our bed together, but you can usually find one of them snuggled at our feet by morning. Pinky seems like a cat who would have to share the pillow with you.

Pinky has stolen my heart and seems quite happy staying here. I'll take good care of her until some one claims her as their lost cat or I see a "Lost Poster" with her picture or description of her on it, then I'll take her to her rightful owner, but until then she's welcomed to stay right here.


JunieRose2005 said...

Oh, Sandy!

You have another baby!! :) She sure is a beauty!

I hope if she belongs to someone else they will find her, sooner rather than later...because you will get used to having such a sweetie around real quick!


Alipurr said...

aww, she is a sweet looking kitty

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Maybe she's just meant to be part of your family! Seems as though she's already captured your heart.
You have such a kind heart :)

MrsGreenThumb said...

Ah Sandy, she is indeed a cute cat. I hope she give you many years of pleasure. I know my cat and dogs are my 4 legged kids They give such unconditional love. I know you will give her a good home. Enjoy her.

Kerri said...

Sandy, you have a heart of gold :)
She's a little sweety and she sure looks happy there.
I hope she's not expecting. As we know all too well, it's easy to end up with too many mouths to feed.
She's a lucky kitty to have found you and Jimmy :)

Rachel said...

Oh she is so pretty!!! Sounds like a sweet cat too. I always call the nose touching "cat kisses."

I'm glad she found you and Jimmy!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

hello,love you kiss kiss