Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We went to a gathering Friday night of the retired men & women who served in the Army's 100th Division and while we were waiting in the parking lot for the rest to arrive this is what we saw. It was a spectacular sight to see and the other end of the rainbow was right on top of the restaurant where we were meeting.
The men & women of all of our armed forces are truly the great treasures at the end of our rainbows.


sharon said...

Rainbows are one of my favorites.
Happy Veterans DAY to Jimmy,daddy, Bud,Scott,Brandon,grandpa,Eli,Dennis and Lazy Blogger.

Rachel said...

What a lovely picture Sandy! Great post for Veteran's Day! Sounds like you two had a nice time at the gathering!

BTW, I did enjoy my visit very much!!!

... Paige said...

How wonderful. Such a golden glow of color

JunieRose2005 said...

That's just beautiful!
Rainbows are very special !


judypatooote said...

Hi Sandy.....just thought I'd send you a Happy Thanksgiving greeting... judy

Kerri said...

What a happy sight the rainbow makes...and lovely that the end is over the restaurant. Our service men and women are treasures indeed.