Sunday, December 07, 2008

Three days....

Three days of snow flurries and this is all we get. What a disappointment!

I made a pot of chili yesterday afternoon and we ate it for supper and I had a bowl of it for lunch today too. I suppose I'll be eating the chili for supper today too, since I made a GREAT BIG pot of it. Don't feel bad, because nothing could please me more than eating chili for a week in a row. Well maybe I exaggerate. After about 3 days I'm ready for something different.

There's not a sound in the house, but a TV Special about the bombings of Pearl Harbor. Everyone is asleep...the 5 cats and Jimmy. Jimmy has had a bad cough for the last couple of days, so yesterday I got him some cough syrup and the coughing is just about non existant.

Suzanne is here....she has come for chili and to stand in front of our nice warm fire.


JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Sandy,

Well that is a pretty winter scene...but I would be wanting it to be more snow- if it's gonna snow! lol-Get on with it!

Chili is always good on a cold day. I made some recently too!

I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit here but I'm not doing so well with it! ( some personal/family problems. I'll just do the best I can .

Have a good day.


Rachel said...

Oh, I love chili too, and it's certainly that time of the year for it!

I hope Jimmy is totally well by now.

Loved your previous post about the cat behind the dryer!! LOL Cats get into so much trouble sometimes!

Alipurr said...

chili and a warm house sound good! The kids and I made a big pot of minestrone soup today and chocolate cupcakes

Kerri said...

We've had the snow flurries too and we have patchy snow on the ground. The wind on Saturday and Sunday was frigid! We've had freezing temps too, but it's a little warmer today.
Chili sounds great to me. I haven't made it for years because Ross doesn't eat it. Wish I could stop over, like Suzanne, and share yours :)
We ate turkey for a week, and I made a big pot of turkey soup. Yum!
I hope Jimmy is over his cough by now.

Anonymous said...

It was 65 today,huh. Kentucky weather. Chili always sounds goog. Got any left.