Friday, November 28, 2008

A Cat-ergency

I was quietly sitting here reading on my computer when I began hearing muffled thrashing sounds coming from another room and just excused it as nothing of importance. Noises around here are the norm with cats batting ping pong balls around the house and playing with their cat toys. The noise continued and I still didn't pay much attention to it until I saw one of the cats go into alert mode and run towards the sound, so I jumped up to go investigate. As soon as I got close, I knew exactly what had happened....that cat, had fallen behind the small narrow space between the washer & dryer and the wall.

I went and got one of Jimmy's quilted flannel shirts and held it behind the dryer hoping that she would climb up the shirt. No, of course she wouldn't do that, that was much too easy. Instead she tried to squeeze herself through the half inch crack between the washer & dryer.
Seeing that the cat wasn't going to climb up the shirt, Jimmy began pulling the dryer out away from the wall and just as he got it pulled out far enough for the cat to come out, the dryer vent pipe tore in two pieces, and the cat climbed up the shirt.

Jimmy is now at the hardware store purchasing new dryer vent piping and the cat is outside on top of the water fountain, paws in the water trying to fish a bug or something out of the water. There's never a dull moment with this new kitty around.
Jimmy told me that she kept bringing him the yeast rolls, one by one this morning that I left out on the kitchen counter last night by mistake. She brought him three...into the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

I can hear the kitty now"Ut oh the vent tore, I'm getting out of hear fast"
She must be related to Molly my kitty, always in truoble.

Jellyhead said...

How funny! Pets manage to get into the weirdest situations, don't they?!

Kerri said...

Never a dull moment with kitties around :)
That would've been a good one for Funniest Home Videos!
Thanks for the chuckle. I'm giggling at the yeast rolls :)

Cheyenne said...

I love to read cat stories....and that was a good one. When my 2 cats were kittens they were contained in the laundry room when we slept or went away, so I had to block off all possibilities of them getting back there. They never did, and the areas are still blocked off.
Love the yeast roll story, it made me chuckle.

Alipurr said...

sounds just about right....kitties won't do what you want them too, until the last minute, maybe....
glad kitty's ok
funny about the rolls
good thing Jimmy loves those kitties

... Paige said...

see you helped her and she feeds you.
funny story

Cheyenne said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog template.

As far as our basement goes, everything will be either in totes or on wood pallets or something similar. The only thing that will touch the floor is the new upright freezer which is at the opposite end of where the water came in. And we have public water now so a lot of the danger has been taken away. I think. And we go down there almost every day now rather than for months at a time. Thanks for the concern and suggestion.

Peter said...

At least the cat shares with Jimmy, that's something.

JunieRose2005 said...


Love reading your cat tales! :)

Yep, we've had a lot of those too!