Friday, January 16, 2009


It's cold here this morning and the local weather is saying it's 0...that's ZERO degrees. Does that mean that there is no temperature? Well anyway, it's cold here and all the water outside is frozen. The little kitties outside were happy to see Jimmy coming out with fresh running water and ran up to him to get a drink before it freezes back up again.

We're really pleased with our gas logs and I don't think the fire has been out since yesterday. It has run constantly and feels nice in here. I never thought there could be a real fire in a fireplace that didn't involve cutting wood. My husband & I spent years cutting and hauling wood to heat our home with and here we are with a real fire burning in a fake fireplace. It's nice.

The kids are all off school today not because of snow, but because of the cold temps I guess. Yesterday Brandon's school bus got stuck in the snow. (insert laughter here) Yesterday we woke up to a dusting of snow partly (I emphasize partly), covering the grassy areas. It was more like a very heavy frost so school was not called off for Brandon, but it was called off in our county. Brandon's school was called off today because the bus got stuck yesterday and because they haven't had any snow days this year and everyone also wanted to make this a long four day weekend. All of you who teach or work at a school probably know the real reason school was called off today; I can only make an educated guess.'s a good day for hot cocoa, relaxing by the fire with five cats on your lap, and watching good movies or reading a book.


LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ It was -17ºF when I drove to work yesterday morning. But it is going to be +3ºF today. Do you think I should have worn my shorts and tank-top to work today? ~ jb///

Kerri said...

It was -6ºF (-21C) on our porch this morning...and that was warmer than a lot of places around the country.
We didn't get a 4 day weekend :)
Glad your gas fireplace is keeping you, Jimmy and the cats cozy.
I'm going to do as you suggest tomorrow..except I'll be catching up on my blog friends instead of reading a book, and I'll only have 2 cats :)
The 12 barn kitties now have heifers (not ours) in there to keep them warm. They like it, but I don't like smelling like haylage (and other agricultural odors)! I thought those days were behind me!

Cheyenne said...

It's 4 deg.F as I type this. And that's not even with the wind chill factored in. Of course we are cozy inside with our two cats, but the ones outside depend on me to feed them twice a day and also fresh water which freezes almost before it hits the dish. But by Sunday they say we will be in the low 30's. I can hardly wait.

Jellyhead said...

Your cold weather plan (cocoa, book, curling up with cats & book in front of the fire) sounding wonderful. Stay warm Sandy!

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to run in over a week.It's 32 this morning but they are saying black ice in spots. So I will run with caution.One guy ran with cleats because of the ice.

Anonymous said...

Our kitties sit on our laps and keep us warm. I told Scott we just need more kitties.