Thursday, January 15, 2009

I thought we were in a Recession???

With jobs being lost all around me, unemployment insurance running short or running out altogether, states having to issue I.O.U.s as paychecks, banking institutions & Wall Street collapsing needing taxpayer bailouts and several businesses closing their doors, and what do I hear this morning? I heard that the innaguration is costing the taxpayers another $150 MILLION dollars. This sounds more like a coronation to me. This thing has gotten way out of hand and much too big.

I also heard that one of the banking institutions who received approx. $45 BILLION of bailout money is going under anyway and it was suggested that in order to keep it going that the government should just take it over. The government should have just let every business go bankrupt just like normal people who get into debt do.

It's time for the taxpayers to just stop paying taxes to a government who knows nothing about managing money. I thought Obama might be different, but he's starting out his presidency with such an expensive & huge inaguration that it's already making me feel MORE uneasy about our future.

That's just my opinion.


... Paige said...

You are not alone. The crowning has already shut down DC as they have closed bridges etc in expection of the party.

Tomas Dennis said...

Every time there is a march on Washington DC the police and Capitol security have to work 18 hour days. That is in the yearly budget now you add the 40 million to the coronation and you get 150 million. I think he could just move in just as JFK did. Nixon started this coronation business because I remember saying, "What is all this crap? A Coronation!"

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tomas...You're right, but I would just think that out of courtesy to all who are suffering with debt that he (the man of the people) wouldn't flaunt or want such an expensive inauguration taking place at this time.

It's a historic event, and camera's and a few dignitaries standing around are all you need for a safe inauguration to take place which can be broadcast to the entire world LIVE. No one gets hurt and the job gets done without the BIG PRICE TAG.
In this economy that's how it should be done...well actually in any economy that's how it should be done.

Kerri said...

Unbelievable, isn't it? And nary a word is spoken. Where are the liberals now who protested about the 40 million price tag of President Bush's inaugeration? And that was mostly paid for by donations.
I hope some of this one is too.

Cheyenne said...

Like everything's getting out of control. And always the taxpayer has to foot the bill. What happens when the taxpayer runs out of money?

Rachel said...

AMEN! He better come up with some good solutions instead of spending like there's no tomorrow!