Monday, January 05, 2009

I deserve a medal

I can hardly live with myself I'm so good. Can you believe that I'm three months ahead of schedule for 2009 already and it's only the 5th day of January. I wonder what I'll do with all this spare time that I now have? Maybe a three month vacation is in order for me, but this sure isn't the best time in the world for that. It's too dreary, wet and cold. I think I'll wait for warmer weather to take my vacation. I hope Jimmy remembers when June approaches that I deserve a three month vacation.

Oh!!! I haven't told you why I'm three months ahead of schedule have I? I always give myself until March to take down and put away our Christmas decorations and I surprised myself today and got the job done. Yep, it's all done. The decorations aren't just out of sight and laying close to the closet, but they're actually packed away in an orderly fashion on the shelves where they call home for usually nine months out of the year. (insert applause here)

Now, where's my medal? Okay, I'll take one of those tin foil crowns then.


mberenis said...

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... Paige said...

That is so awesome!
Our tree is down, the mantle cleared, some stuff is in sitting on a box waiting to be put away in the attic. But there are still lights outside...I told my Beloved just this morning he could take them down.
Thanks for the prompts they have been added to my jar but about that red-green cat poop, No offence but I hope I never need that prompt. You are too funny

JunieRose2005 said...


Sandy, you did good, girl!!

I have not started with mine yet!!


Peter said...

You deserve a medal Sandy!!!

Anonymous said...

If I would have came and helped you take down and put away, would I get to go on vacation in june too :)you could of wore the crown, I just want the fun in the sun.he he

Alipurr said...

ha ha ha ha, stands up and cheers!!!! hurray for you
if it weren't for my husband helping me last week, mine would still be up too