Sunday, January 04, 2009

Such inquisitive creatures

Why are cats so inquisitive, constantly searching for something, anything to get into?
She stalks the window shades, looking on each slat for movement, a dust bunny perhaps, anything. I turn and breathe out and cause movement of the lace curtains and that‘s all the movement that is needed. I hear a crash as the cat tries to climb the delicate loops of the lace threads and they give way.
The cat tumbles down and goes on to something else…another window. Here she swats at the plastic rod that opens & closes the blinds. It swings away and into the sheer curtains again making the curtains the center of her attention for a moment. Losing interest she moves on.
Back & forth she walks, like a lioness stalking & searching for it’s next prey. She hears a quiet snort, stops and listens. She sees movement and she pounces. Jimmy wakes with a fright and the kitty quickly jumps off his face and runs off to look for something else to pounce on.


Tomas Dennis said...

I awoke in the middle of the night with the same sight a few years back. The cat jumped from the window sill to my face while I slept. Eh!!

Rachel said...

Poor Jimmy!! Haha!! Cats are curious creatures!! You gotta love 'em though!!

I loved your truck story!! Now that was a nice policeman!!

I also love your daughter's suggestion of what to say to kids! Very good advice which I'll follow from now on!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a curious 3 year old child.Wanting to touch everything.
They are fun to watch.

Alipurr said...

oops, hope he is not scarred for life