Friday, January 30, 2009

It all starts with... Oooo and Awe

This is how it starts...all pretty and colorful, with ice coating everything. Like a Winter Wonderland before your eyes, then before the day is over the devastation begins with loud cracking sounds. If you're in the house it sounds like gunfire all around you with an occasional thud on the roof as something heavy falls on it. Before long you see your beautiful trees breaking like matchsticks right before your eyes, all around you.....This is an ice storm.

Brian & Sharon's families were trapped unable to leave their homes by downed trees and power lines blocking their way out or any emergency vehicles in. CLICK HERE. After a day or two, two from each family walked out to meet us and we took them to get needed supplies.

Most everyone here in Kentucky is without electricity, heat, water & phone. Some without all and some of the lucky ones have use of a phone and are warm. Jimmy & I are among the lucky ones and although we didn't have electricity for a time, we have had it on and off for most of the time, but never for more than a day at a time.

With almost a state wide electrical outage it's hard to find any stores or gas stations open for business...even mighty Walm*art is closed. There's no street lights, but surprisingly enough everyone is very cordial and every intersection has turned into a four way stop.

In the Western part of the state the cell phones don't work and today my cell phone isn't working here although it is fully charged. Thank goodness for the old timey landline phones...not the cordless ones because they're also useless, but the old corded phones. I don't know how many people that I've talked to have told me that they dug into a throw away box and thank goodness their old phone was still in there. Us older folks have gone through this before, so we've never stopped using a corded phone in some location of our home.

As far as heat goes, last winter we bought a ventless gas fireplace that does not require electricity in any way just for these times when the electric goes out in the winter. It has paid off big time and we have remained toasty warm during this ordeal.

As I look out I see that it is snowing very heavily. I hope that everyone has now found a warm place to lay their head and a hot meal to eat.

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... Paige said...

So ya saying no bike ride this weekend.
Blessings, stay warm and prayers for all y'all yankees

yes I know you are not yankee, but did it make your blood boil and did that warm you up.
be safe

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
It's wonderful to see a post and know that you're safe. My prayers are with you and yours.

Anonymous said...

love the berry picture I will have to put it on channel 18 :)

Kerri said...

Sandy, so glad to hear that you and your family are all safe and warm. I hope and pray your power (and Sharon and Brian's) is restored by now. What a monumental job for the power line workers!
It's a blessing that you could see the beauty in God's work, in spite of the destruction and chaos it caused.

Peter said...

Seems we all have problems with the weather Sandy, ours is too hot and yours is too cold!!!!!!