Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This time it's the wind...

I didn't sleep well last night and apparently it wasn't just me, as three of the cats crawled into bed with us. I was just worried about my brother's family on the opposite side of the state, directly in the path of the next series of storms. They have finally had their water & electricity restored to them after the recent ice storm, and here, just a week later another line of dangerous storms is passing through their area.

The wind is ferocious here and any broken branches still caught up in the trees from the ice storm will be falling down. Suzanne who also was without electricity & heat for a week has a large Maple Tree that was damaged by the ice storm, and this wind is expected to bring down the tree...or at least half of it. The tree won't damage their house except for their electric meter box when the tree falls on all of the electric, phone and TV cable lines.

I just heard that the winds here are blowing at 30 miles per hour with wind gusts of over 50 mph that will last all throughout the day and night for us. It is also unusually warm outside, in the 60's and not a good combination when the warmth clashes with the cold.

*The picture above was one that I took during our recent ice storm, and as I look at the picture it's hard to believe that such beauty can cause us so much hardship and put us in such danger.


Susie said...

I hadn't heard of these high winds.
My thoughts are with all of you as you weather yet another storm.
Stay safe and let us know how things are!

Tomas Dennis said...

Dennis is fine in Western Kentucky.
Love ya

Alipurr said...

we are ok over here. It was very windy, but I am surprised at how few extra branches fell here. Actually in my yard, I didn't see any. Don't know about mom and dad's