Friday, February 27, 2009

China...Our Big Bank

Sometimes I sit around and think too much about things, but this morning I woke up thinking about China and how they are loaning the United States trillions of dollars for all the spending that has been going on to shore up our economy. China is even beginning to have second thoughts that we can even ever repay them, so Hillary Clinton went over there to talk to them, smooth things out and persuade China to keep loaning us money.

We have been borrowing money from China for several years as if they were the big bank in the sky...the money tree. What will happen if China decides to call in our loan? Will they start foreclosure proceedings and take over the United States, the White House, Fort Knox....our homes that we have worked so hard to pay off?

Our government officials just don't know when to quit spending money that they don't even have. They said that the housing market is what got us into this mess. People got in too deep, bought things that they couldn't afford and lived on credit. Most people managed fine, worked hard took on extra jobs and have their credit under control, some are struggling and some have just stopped paying their debts through no fault of their own. You notice that I'm not putting the blame solely on those that shouldn't have been borrowing in the first place and have been foreclosed on and filed for bankruptcy. You would think that our government would learn by the mistakes of it's people and not follow in the same direction of over-spending, over-borrowing and living on credit.

If they, the U.S. Government, continue on this same path, I fear that they are jeopardizing all of our futures. The futures of We The People will soon be bankrupt, followed by foreclosure of our great nation by China, and once that happens there goes our Freedoms.

This is not a Democratic or Republican problem. This is a problem that involves every party and everyone and it will take all of our elected officials to work together to solve this problem with some shred of common sense and coming up with some sensible budget to follow.

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Tomas Dennis said...

If that happens we can call in our loan of WWII soldiers that kept Japan out of China and the British Colonies. Do not forget that we got all the Arabs in the oil business. We can call in our markers on that too.