Saturday, March 21, 2009

Need a good laugh?

Being retired I have the opportunity to watch LIVE the hearings on CSPAN & CSPAN2 of our own government at work and it's's a joke and I hope that no other country is watching our government officials LIVE on TV making fools of themselves . One day you watch them hurry up and push bills into law and the next day they rush to make corrections in the bill they just passed. And do you know why they have to make corrections? Because they don't bother to read the bills they pass in the first place. Nobody knows what secrets are hidden within the bills that they pass. They spend like a bunch of drunken sailors, (Jimmy says that I shouldn't compare them to sailors, because that's an insult to sailors to be compared to Congress).
All I have to say is that Congress spends money that doesn't belong to them YET, they pass bills that they don't even bother to read, and they're out of control. Maybe they should all be impeached or suffer the consequences of their own actions.

I didn't like AIG officials getting big bonuses for doing a lousy job, but one of the hidden bills that passed gave AIG the legal power to receive the bonuses in the first place. Now in order to correct the mistake of NOT READING THE BILL BEFORE IT WAS PASSED Congress is going to take back the bonuses they authorized by taxing everyone at AIG who got bonuses at a rate of 90%. Can Congress do that each time they want? Can they target specific people to tax?

Let me ask you one more question and maybe one of you out there in blogland can answer this question for me? AIG was not the only company who got TARP question is:
Why aren't Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae employees who got TARP money being taxed at 90% on their bonuses too? Or the banks?

I have a suggestion that might fix things in Washington, DC . Lets throw out everyone in the House & Senate and replace them with just plain normal citizens who know how make ends meet on a sensible budget. We couldn't do any worse.


Tomas Dennis said...

You are right about all this.

scott said...

I'm sick of government waiste too. I'm no legal expert but i knew what they were doing (BONUS tax) was revenge and wrong. I don't like the extreme bonus' after a bailout, but the government has SURPASSED its position in our society. look out when a government body moves into this type of political strong arm tatics.
its no longer government for the people by the people. they're waistfull and cater to the special interest grougs.
taxation and more taxation is not the answer to our problems. it's leaders who will put us before all else, leaders who will cut the unnecessary and foolish spending and quit trying to make laws to control every item of life. take cigaretts, i don't smoke, but this country sells them, taxes them and then tells people you can't smoke here, you can't smoke there. either sell em and let people alone or get rid of em.
sorry, got to go could talk about these issues and many more for days. WE WANT OUR GOVERNMENT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!